Wellbeing team

The role of the school Wellbeing Team is to promote and support the emotional health and wellbeing of all pupils. The team consists of an educational psychologist, specialist speech and language therapist and a counsellor, as well as key support staff who are ‘Mental Health Champions’.

As a key driver, wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do, and it is our mission to support all pupils to achieve and maintain a happy healthy mind. We do this through:

  • Specific, targeted intervention for pupils who have high needs. This might be a period of direct 1:1 therapy or working alongside the class team, parents and external services such as CYPS and CAMHS to offer advice and support, or a combination of both.
  • Half termly monitoring of the wellbeing status of all pupils in order to provide timely intervention if required.
  • A rolling programme of group enrichment activities where to focus is on early support with a view to preventing escalation of need.
  • Half termly ‘off timetable’ days where the school community comes together to focus on a particular aspect of wellbeing
  • Promotion of wellbeing throughout the curriculum. We do this using the ‘Boing Boing Resilience Framework’ This framework is a helpful tool that allows for a shared vocabulary when talking about resilience and wellbeing. Where possible pupils are encouraged to refer to this framework to reflect on their own wellbeing profile and to identify goals they wish to work on. The different elements within each strand of the framework lend themselves to many areas of learning and across all various aspects of the school day; this helps to ensure wellbeing remains high profile within all 4 of the curriculum pathways.

What is the Resilience Framework?