Wellbeing team

The Emotional Health and Wellbeing Team in school provide a service to those students who are in need of additional psychological or emotional support. The team, consisting of an Educational Psychologist, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and Specialist Support Worker work across both sites and offer an open referral system. This allows for advice and support to be provided rapidly by staff who are not only specialist in their field but who also have an expert understanding of the nature of the disabilities of the children in the school.  Intervention may take the form of direct 1:1 work, group sessions or through signposting and mentoring the class team. The team also provide an outreach service to families; this means that parents / carers are directly involved in and supported to assist their child to maximise emotional wellbeing as well as receiving direct support for themselves if required. The team frequently work in conjunction with CAHMS, CYPS, social workers and the school medical team to ensure that a holistic and specific package of care is delivered to meet the needs of the individual at any given time.

The service supports staff training on individual and general basis and advises on the development of emotional wellbeing throughout the school curriculum.