Post 16 Offer

In Percy Hedley Post 16 we offer a range of routes for pupils up to 19. An experienced team of teachers, tutors and therapists offer a bespoke curriculum for pupils. A highly individualised approach to learning is adopted that builds on pupil’s prior attainment in Key stage 4 and prepares them for transition to adulthood. Accreditation and courses are tailored to the needs of the pupils and reflect their varying interests and abilities.

The school Key drivers Communication, Independence and Functionality and Wellbeing are key in our curriculum by maximizing every pupil’s abilities in these three domains; we believe we optimise their attainment, progress and their future life chances. A range of opportunities are provided to develop skills in these areas needed in adult life. Individualised targets allow pupils to maximise their potential in all areas of learning and development, which may include therapeutic progress, e.g. learning to travel by public transport independently, making a simple meal or progress in areas of emotional well-being e.g. anxiety reduction, being flexible to cope in less structured environments or adapting to change more positively.

Post 16 is supported by the Foundations Employability Project. A range of work experience opportunities are available which include careers teaching on applications, interviews, attending work placements and self-review. Pupils are provided with positive experiences to help them identify their strengths and capabilities. High quality advice and guidance support pupils to explore options for the future and develop clear, realistic plans for their future. Appropriate real world experiences such as residential visits, work related learning and employability with work experience are included within the curriculum. We believe personal progress can be best achieved if taught in the wider community, giving students every opportunity to develop effective communication and problem solving skills.

Post 16 Pledge

Post 16 provides pupils with the opportunities to develop the functionality and independence they need to successfully take their next steps into adult life. At different levels, appropriate to individual needs, staff work in partnership with families and pupils to provide real world experiences to enhance understanding and future life chances. Through the curriculum, residential experiences, communication challenges, work related learning and life skills, pupils apply their knowledge and skills to build confidence, efficacy and understanding for the future.

Post 16 offers:

  • A personalised timetable which reflects your interests, abilities and is flexible to offer opportunities and experiences in order to prepare you for a fulfilling adult life.
  • A supportive, experienced team of staff, student ‘mentors’ and a student council who are always available to listen to your views.
  • Tutorial groups where you will begin and end your day and teaching groups with less than 10 people. You may be expected to move between classes for lessons to improve your time management and personal organisational skills.
  • On-site integrated SaLT, OT, Physiotherapy and Emotional Wellbeing specialists who work together with Teachers and Special Support Assistants to ensure you have consistent support to overcome specific areas of difficulty and become as effective, active, healthy and happy as possible in the future.
  • Regular clubs, leisure activities and personalised opportunities are available during less structured times to promote interaction with staff, peers and members of the wider community; for example, introducing visitors to school, entertaining stakeholders and visiting professionals, making lunch for friends.
  • Opportunities to promote communication and functional independence, which are planned to equip you for ‘day-to-day life’ and prepare you for more challenging ‘real world’ environments; such as, unfamiliar places or situations. This will enable you to experience, build upon and extend your self-advocacy skills, confidence and practical experience in completing self-care routines and independence challenges. This work can formally be accredited in specific subject areas. In preparation for adulthood, this is delivered as part of the curriculum through meaningful community based activities, regular residential visits and additional opportunities.
  • Access to realistic work related activities and accreditation appropriate to your ability and interests.
  • Support for you and your family to explore options for the future. This will include planning and preparation for further education, employment, supported /independent living and advising how to access social and community opportunities as an adult with support from those involved in your EHC Plan.

We expect that you will (with support where needed):

  • Be willing to accept or tolerate the differences we all have.
  • Treat others in the same way we expect to be treated.
  • Show support or encourage others when needed.
  • Help keep yourself and others safe.
  • Respect the beliefs, opinions and views of others unless they cause offence.
  • Tell trusted people if you are worried about something or someone.
  • Follow the Post 16 rules developed by all students and staff (updated annually):


Careers-Policy Feb 2021     Percy Hedley School Careers Curriculum 2

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