Welcome to Percy Hedley School

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Hello and welcome to Percy Hedley School. The team is excited to meet you in September. We would have loved to have been able to offer you a visit to our school before you start in September, but unfortunately, we are not able to at this moment in time.

We have put together some pictures which will show you areas of the school, taking you on a journey of what your first day at Percy Hedley School might look like.


Arriving at school 

In the morning, this is where you will be dropped off and met by a member of staff from your class team, who will take you to your class.

Drop-Off Point

Here is a picture of the entrance from our drop-off point to the school.

Entrance from Drop-Off Point


Your classroom

You will have a classroom where most of your sessions will take place; this is slightly different if you’re in Post-16, where you may move around different classes within the Post-16 area. We have too many classrooms to take a picture of all of them, so here are a couple of pictures to show you what your class might look like. Each class has a class teacher and therapists that work with the class. Our therapists sometimes work in class with the class group and take students, and on occasions, they work with small groups of children or individual children outside of their classroom.



In the morning a member of your class team will discuss with you what your options are for lunch. Once you have chosen what you would like, the staff member will tell the kitchen staff so they can make this for you. At lunchtime, you will eat lunch with your class; this will be either in your class or in the dining hall, your teacher will tell you on your first day where this will be. If you would prefer to bring a packed lunch then you can – we are a nut-free school so if you do we ask that your packed lunch does not contain nuts.

Lunch in the Dining Hall

When you and your class arrive at the dining hall, you will sit with students from your class and others to eat your lunch. After lunch, you and your class can spend some time in your classroom or an allocated area before the start of your next session.

Dining Hall

Lunch in your classroom

If you or your class eat their lunch in your classroom, then a member of staff from your class will collect your lunch from the dining hall. Once you’ve finished your lunch, you can spend some time in your classroom or allocated area before the start of your next session.


Breaktime and Lunchtime

You will have a break in the morning or afternoon and have time after lunch to play or socialise. There are many different areas within school where students can spend their break. At the moment we have allocated these areas to different classes, you will be told on your first day which areas you will have access to. Here are pictures of our different break and lunchtime areas.

Outdoor Garden Area

Play Area

Sports Hall

School Yard

KS4 Social Area

Post-16 Outdoor Area


End of the day

At the end of the school day, a member of staff from your class will go with you to the schoolyard where you’ll be collected.


If you have any questions, please get in touch. We are looking forward to seeing you in September.

Stay safe.

From all of the team at Percy Hedley School.


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