Hydrotherapy and Nursing update

As you are aware, Covid is having a significant impact on staffing and our priority is always to ensure the safety of our pupils. Hydrotherapy is one of those activities that requires significantly more staffing than a class based session. With that said, at present, there may be times where we are unfortunately unable to safely run a hydrotherapy session. Our therapy and class teams will do everything in their power to enable hydrotherapy to continue, however please understand that there may be times when we are unable to proceed. This is a decision that will be made on the day of your child’s hydrotherapy session and we apologise in advance for any cancellation at short notice. We are aware that some pupils have hydrotherapy in their EHCP, however the children’s safety is our priority. Please be reassured, that if your child does not access their usual session, an alternative physiotherapy session will be provided where they will engage in movement and relaxation based programmes.

Our nursing team is also currently working at a reduced capacity and their main priority is to ensure the children are receiving their medications across the whole school day, this unfortunately means they are not as assessable as they would usually be and there may be occasions where you are asked to seek external medical opinion when they are not available.