Home Learning Vocabulary Pack


I hope everyone has had a good Easter holiday.  You should all have received your vocabulary packs which contain the words I would like you to use at home this term.DSCN6532

They include the following words



Yes, No

Like, Don’t like,

Want and I don’t want.

More, Stop, Something different,

The students have been working on making informed choices about what they do or have facilitated for them using these words.  They have usually been making choices between two opposite options.

E.g. Do you want to listen to music?   -a choice between want /don’t want cards

Do you like this flavour?  like / don’t like  or yes/no etc.

It would be great if you could integrate this vocabulary into your home routines.  Please send examples of the students working on their targets at home via telephone, e-mail or home school diary so we can share and celebrate their successes.


Claire and Team