Information on Pupil Progress

Pupil information is gathered, moderated and analysed in a number of ways using various measures throughout the school year.

All pupils have individual targets in the core areas of the curriculum (English, Maths, Science and Computing), individual therapy targets and specific targets driven from their statement or Education Health and Care plan. This data is used to provide rich information with regard to the progress of individual pupils, cohorts and the whole school. Senior leaders use this information to inform school developments and plan future interventions. Individual teachers and therapists also use this information at a class level, to inform teaching and learning and therapeutic interventions.

Within KS4 and Post-16, some students may be working towards linear accreditations at Level 1 and above, usually GCSE’s, BTEC’s or Cambridge Nationals. These pupils are assessed using a combination of specification objectives for the course, STEM and Mastery principles, or their EHC targets. Some pupils, due to their academic profile, may be assessed as a mixture of these for the levels they are working at in different subjects. This is outlined to parents within individual meetings regarding flight path and progress.

Update 2019/20: Due to the Corona virus pandemic of 2020, pupils were not assessed against the usual standards. Pupils have been re baselined in Sept 2020 and whole school data will recommnece for 20/21.

A number of pupils were awarded grades in their final exams and this data can be found here.

Update 2020/21: For the academic year 2020/ 21, there are no formal examinations. Grades for this year’s linear exam series are being gained from teacher assessed grades. These are worked on through a combination of Non-Examination Assessments (NEA’s) set by the exam boards, internal assessments and mock exams, and the level of work pupils have been working at within lessons. Their specialist teacher will give pupils a grade, and this will then be backed up by evidence which will be sent to the examination boards for moderation. Please be aware there is no algorithm this year.
Exam results will this year be available on the 12th of August. If students feel that they have not been given the grade, they deserve the appeals procedure will be available from this point, or an Autumn series of exams will be available for resits. The highest grade of the two will be awarded if pupils decide to complete resit examinations.
Internally set exams such as Functional Skills or modular route exams will continue in school as usual.  We have several teachers in school who have completed specialist exams training this year to ensure that the process is fair and responds to the needs and abilities of all our pupils. If you have any questions about this year’s exam series, please get in touch.

Please click here to access the schools performance data.