Curriculum and Assessment

In response to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, our school has planned to provide remote learning for our pupils, information relating to this can be found here:

Providing Remote Learning – Guidance for parents Jan 2021


Pupils follow a different curriculum according to their stage of attainment (A, S, E, N and D)

Please click the following link to see an overview of our curriculum offer from Early Years to Post 16.

Curriculum Overview (linked)

Assesment-at-Percy-Hedley-School-5     this powerpoint gives a history of iASEND.

Curriculum maps below show the coverage at each stage¬†of the curriculum. These are taught in conjunction with the appropriate topic maps relevant to the child’s age.

Curriculum Map A EYFS

Curriculum Map S EYFS

Curriculum Map A

Curriculum Map FOUNDATION S

Curriculum Map CORE S

Curriculum Map CORE E

Curriculum Map FOUNDATION E

Curriculum Map FOUNDATION ND

Curriculum Map CORE ND

Please click on the link below for information about topics covered

Topic Cycles


Careers-Policy Feb 2021     Percy Hedley School Careers Curriculum 2

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