Curriculum and Assessment

Pupils follow a different curriculum according to their stage of attainment (A, S, E, N and D)

Please click the following link to see an overview of our curriculum offer from Early Years to Post 16.

Curriculum Overview (linked)

Assesment-at-Percy-Hedley-School (5)

Curriculum maps below show the coverage at each stage of the curriculum. These are taught in conjunction with the appropriate topic maps relevant to the child’s age.

Curriculum Map A EYFS

Curriculum Map S EYFS

Curriculum Map A

Curriculum Map FOUNDATION S

Curriculum Map CORE S

Curriculum Map CORE E

Curriculum Map FOUNDATION E

Curriculum Map FOUNDATION ND

Curriculum Map CORE ND

Please click on the link below for information about topics covered

Topic Cycles


Careers Policy Oct 2018     Percy Hedley School Careers Curriculum 2

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