Covid close contact update

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Thank you for bearing with us as we have been settling into the new school year whilst adapting to new Foundation guidance in school, along with the relaxation of Covid rules in the wider community which have taken place over the summer.

You will know from our Covid update last week ( that based on the vulnerability of our pupils in comparison to those in mainstream schools, we have as a Foundation taken the decision to put additional measures in place within all of our settings, over and above those recommended by the Department for Education (DfE) and Test and Trace guidance.

One of the additional measures implemented throughout the Foundation was to ask all staff and pupils who were identified as close contacts of a confirmed case of Covid and exempt from isolation, to stay at home until they had a negative PCR test result.  This is not in line with the national self-isolation guidance and is not a requirement from the DfE.

It has become apparent through feedback that this policy has been having a significant impact, due to the numbers of cases up until now, and the requirement for staff and children to isolate whilst awaiting a PCR test result, and for those children who have been required to remain at home due to staffing levels.  

We have listened to this feedback and in order to minimise the impact on our pupils, the decision has been made to bring our self-isolation policy for close contacts that are exempt from self-isolation more in line with the DfE guidance.  

This means that pupils and staff identified as close contacts that are exempt from the requirement to self-isolate will be asked to:

  • Do an LFD test as soon as they are notified that they’ve been in close contact with a confirmed case of Covid 


  • Strongly urged to get a PCR test as soon as possible but will not be required to self-isolate while they await the result.

We know that you may be concerned about the risk to your child with these changes, so please be assured that we will continue to put the additional measures in place for staff who are close contacts and not required to self-isolate:  We will:

  • Ask staff to complete LFD tests every day for 10 days (DfE guidance is twice weekly)
  • Ask staff to monitor symptoms closely and ‘think Covid first’ – if displaying symptoms and in doubt, get a PCR test and isolate until they receive the result
  • Ask staff to make sure they are wearing additional PPE at work for 10 days
  • Staff who have been identified as close contacts will not work with learners who are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable for 10 days following their contact with a positive case
  • We will arrange for the area of school where the positive case has been to be cleaned with disinfectant mist (fogged)
  • We will ask pupils who can do LFD tests to do them every day for 10 days
  • In line with guidance those who are identified as close contacts and are exempt from isolation, will remain in school while awaiting a PCR test / results of a PCR test.  We will notify parents/carers of any pupils who are working in a group with staff or other pupils who are close contacts via a letter at the end of the school day.   

In addition to the additional measures for staff, we also ask that our pupils continue to follow ‘think Covid first’ and if displaying symptoms and in doubt, get a PCR test and isolate until they receive the result.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and as always will do so in conjunction with public health; however please be aware that we may need to continue to adapt our approach in response to any changes to the situation or to guidance, but please be assured that we will always communicate these changes to you in a timely manner.

If you have informed us that you would like us to treat your child as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) then as outlined in last week’s communication, alternative measures are already in place and remain unchanged.

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you for your support.

With kind regards 

School Senior Leadership Team


For more information, please see government guidance: