Covid 19

Re: Covid 19

I am writing to reassure of the measures we are taking as a foundation to protect against the current outbreak of corona virus.

We have been following the ongoing updates from the DFE and Public health and have both risk assessments and contingency plans in place to ensure we maintain continuity of service (as far as possible) and keep all staff and pupils safe.

We have worked closely with our cleaning contractor to ensure they are using appropriate cleaning products and have increased the cleaning regime within the schools.

All staff have been provided with antibacterial wipes to ensure ongoing cleaning happens throughout the day.

There are sanitising stations in the buildings and direction for people to wash their hands before entering the building. In addition to signage in all bathroom areas.

We are continuing with personal protection equipment with all personal care including aprons and wipes.

Staff have been advised to follow latest government guidelines, currently  to self isolate if they have a continuous cough or a high temperature, we recommend they keep us to date with any changes.

If pupils display the symptoms we advise government guidelines are adhered to in the same way. If pupils are presenting as poorly in school we will be sending them home to isolate as advised.

Non essential visits to school have been cancelled and school trips into the community have been postponed.

Contingency plans are in place for both school and short break closure. Residential children who are not 52 weeks may also need to stay at home.

Children are supervised during handwashing and are taken to wash their hands at regular intervals. Staff are vigilant if children are touching their face and will take them to wash their hands.

We will continue to review our policies and amend plans as guidance changes.

I hope this reassures you that we are taking every measure possible, whilst we endeavor to protect the vulnerable children in our care and ensure we continue to provide a service to those in need.