Parent E-safety session

In February we invited parents to our first Parents e-safety introduction session. If you missed it, don’t worry! You can access it here. As mentioned in the training, if you have any feedback about he session or would like some input into future Safeguarding events, please fill in the attached Google Form which can be found here!

Thanks for watching!


Ukraine Day – 8th April 2022

Just a reminder that it is Ukraine Day in school tomorrow, Friday 8th April.  Pupils are asked to wear blue and/or yellow and donate £1, if they can, with donations going to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.  We ask that you do not purchase anything new for this event.

Our catering team will also be making some Ukrainian desserts for our pupils to try and enjoy at lunchtime.



Message from John S, Headteacher: 4th March 2022

Hi everyone, and I do hope your half term break was a happy one. It’s lovely to be back and to see everyone again, from taxi times, to lessons, lunch, trips out which are slowly starting again and everything in-between. Boy, it has been a busy one though, what with everything getting going again, World Book Day, stuff from Art Week still being used, people being allowed on some trips, and the weather being better too

The second half of the school year is lighter and warmer and just always seems like you reap the benefits from having done lots of hard work earlier in the year. So full steam ahead for the second half. All the best everyone, I hope there’s something for you in this week’s message from the school. I can assure you that everyone here is working very hard for the children, and we’re very grateful for your support. All the best

Achievement & Progress: 6.Key Drivers

So, picking this up again, so far we’ve had, in this series of how we measure the progress of the young people in our school: 1.Therapy, 2.EHC Outcomes, 3.Curriculum Pathway Assessments, 4.Wellbeing, 5.Case Study Profile Portraits, so now it’s time for something that I’ve already talked about a fair bit – 6.Key Drivers

The three Key Drivers are the broad concepts that our school is based on: Communication, Wellbeing and Independence. This has been the case for quite some time, and sums up quite neatly the overall intent that we have for the pupils in our school. The Mission of the school, and its curriculum, are based on these concepts. They’re fairly self-explanatory I think, although may mean slightly different things for each pupil in practice and reality

What we thought was that because those three concepts are so important, that we should find a way of measuring progress against them, so this is what we are doing about it

At the same time, as you know, we are trying very hard to liaise and communicate better with parents, carers and home in general as equal partners in our work. And to make sure that Pupil Voice is in all of our progress measures. So it seemed like a good opportunity to put the voice of Home right at the heart of our planning, classroom delivery and reporting. We want parents and carers to have Voice & Influence, just as we do our pupils

That’s why we’ve asked teachers to put the Key Drivers into their teaching plans. And that’s why we’ve been asking you to give us both your thoughts and your feedback on the topics being taught in school, your thoughts on the upcoming ones, and the ones just gone. The fact that you are doing this under the headings of the three Key Drivers (Communication, Wellbeing, Independence!) means that we are measuring progress against something we think is important; that your voice is at the heart of our assessment planning and reporting; and that teachers will have good information to write end-of-year reports on them in July

It’s a plan anyway, and it will probably take a good year to get it right. But when we do it will be worth it. And as I’ve said before, thanks for taking part

To recap: 1.Therapy, 2.EHC Outcomes, 3.Curriculum Pathways, 4.Wellbeing, 5.Case Studies, 6.Key Drivers. Next week, something a little more traditional – 7.Appropriate Accredited Awards

Therapy Focus 1: Sensory Umbrellas

Who knew umbrellas could be so much fun?

George, Jack and Millie from Kasia’s class enjoyed this week’s magic carpet sensory room activity. Each student had their own umbrella which created “mini planetarium style” experiences: Jack was great! Millie enjoyed the disco themed music and lighting. George enjoyed his umbrella, and the poppies and leaves

Therapy Focus 2: Messy MOVE

Antony’s class joined a ‘Messy Move’ session this morning with their physio and S&LT. It looked completely great! Everyone worked on moving in a way to access the sensory trays of cornflakes, custard, water beads and rice. They also worked on communication targets using symbols and signing

PE Trip with Helen!

Last term we were contacted by AK Teaching based in Sunderland and given the opportunity for some of our students who are SAFC fans, to represent the school as SCHOOL OF THE GAME at the Sunderland v MK Dons match on 19th Feb

The experience included some of the children being flagbearers on the pitch before kick-off; a cool ticket for the game in the padded seating area; photos on the pitch; activities in the Beacon of Light/Fanzone area and other activities

So we said “Absolutely, yes please!” went along, and they all had a fantastic time! Have a look at the photos. We are now waiting for the school flag to be delivered to us as a reminder of the game and also for some professional photos of the day itself

Who are these guys? Finlay and Philip, that’s who!!!!!

And who is that with Finley?

On the pitch!

Two football fans from Claire’s class! Kristian and Santi!

And finally, a bit of inside information the new manager for Sunderland…..

(ssssh, it’s Michael……)

Subject Focus – Art Week

It seems like quite a while ago now, but there was a lovely Art Week before half term. Every class did something wonderful with displays, messy art, or something creative!

Grace in Kat’s class for example was using fabrics to create the water section of their Tudor display. This is where they put their sunken Mary Rose ship

Hang on, is that Finley again in the background?

 Elsewhere in Art Week, Jo’s class have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons through the medium of all things arts and crafts! Saxon England was made up of seven kingdoms, each with its own king. They created scriptures to inform their friends about them. The Saxons were skilled metal workers, making beautiful belt buckles and broaches – and the class weren’t too bad at making replicas! Lindisfarne had a beautiful monastery, so they made stained glass windows in a nod to their local ancestry. The class even had a go at mimicking Saxon stone carving. And of course there was the peasant bread….brilliant stuff

Leanne’s class was transformed into a Victorian setting, which was great fun! As I say, everyone did something. It’s so nice to have these special days and weeks, and to celebrate particular subjects and styles of work and learning

Relationship, Sex, Health Education (RSHE)

Guys, this is an important area, and here’s a message from the RSHE Steering Group, who are leading on this whole topic

RSHE Parent Forums

Thank you for all the responses we had from the surveys. We value your opinions and these are helping to shape our new Percy Hedley RSHE policy, which we will share with you as soon as it’s ready.

In order to address some of the feedback that came from the surveys, we would love for you to attend an online parent forum. There will be 2 separate online forums taking place for primary and secondary to allow for us to discuss the valid points raised that are most relevant to your child.

The online events will take place via Teams on the 17th of March beginning at 4pm. We would like for you to indicate your attendance, as well as submitting further questions or comments, by completing our pre-forum surveys.

Primary Link (Y1Y6):

Secondary Link (Y7 – P16):

Please ensure you submit the pre-forum surveys before Friday 11th March. Alternatively you may email your child’s class teacher with a maximum of 2 questions for the event.

Once you have completed your pre-forum survey, we will then send you the link to the Teams event.

Hope to see you there.

RSHE Steering Group

Stars of the Week

And Group of the Week!

  Russell’s class, like others, has been doing a lot to encourage resilience. They have a shining example of that characteristic in Shae, who has been in hospital for a while and, this week, met up with his classmates and staff by means of a video call. Shae was full of smiles and used his VOCA to listen to news from the class, answer questions and demonstrate his wicked sense of humour. Shae is definitely a star!

  Lots of former classmates and staff also lined up to greet Shae and wish him well. This was yet another example of the super community ethos that permeates that class and our school. Everyone’s a star!

Massive Star!!! 

ELTBA STAR of the Week

This week the ELTBA star of the week goes to Toby in Parrots.  Things have been different for Toby in class this week and he has adapted really well to this and still worked super hard.  Toby visited a different class to join in with their activities and actively joined in whilst using his voice and “getting stuck in” with what they were doing. This was a super achievement as some of the children and class he was mixing with were unfamiliar to Toby.  And that’s not even to mention the fact that he has been amazing at Powerchair Football! Which he is! Total STAR!!!


STAR!! 1 and STAR!!! 2


Some of our students have been asking about the situation in Ukraine. Young people’s exposure to news is very different to a generation ago

Louise B, our Educational Psychologist, has looked at some websites, which I’ve put links to below, which may be useful for parents if the subject comes up in conversation. Coming after two years of Covid, we may have children feeling some degree of uncertainty and that the world is not a safe place for them. How we all manage this is key to how children appraise both the information and any perceived threat about the impact of this for themselves and their own family unit

Here are the links. I hope your chats go as well as possible if you have them


It was so lovely to have my first in-person Governors Meeting at the school this week, in a classroom no less. It was particularly good to have three governors who are who have been parents as well. Thanks for coming everyone, I feel very optimistic about this area going forward. Here are our two parent and two staff governors in front of the lovely tree in the dining room

World Book Day!

Another great thing that everyone dressing up for is World Book Day. On a serious note, we really do want to improve reading right across the school, and are doing to loads in this. But right now, let’s not be serious and just look at some pictures. One of the loveliest things about our school is how people get into these gorgeous things, and really commit and go for it, staff and students. Thanks for making today and bright and beautiful one!

PS, let’s do lots of reading!

Our Tree!

I really love this tree, and I’m very grateful to everyone who has had anything to do with it, from the people who had the concept, to the talented artists who did it, to all the amazing contributions from the pupils, with their hands, fingers and feet. It’s really fun to look at, and there are plans to go on to the pillars in the room next, so let’s watch this space…..

Learning, Growing, Moving Together


Comic Relief is coming up on the 18th March! Woohoo!

It’s good to be back. Have a lovely weekend

John S

Curriculum and Assessment – Homepage

Thank you for your interest in the Curriculum and Assessments at Percy Hedley School.

Please click here to view the Curriculum and Assessment Overview. 

Please click here to view the Curriculum Intents.

Please click here to read more on our Implementation.

Please click here to read more on our Impact. 

End-of-term message from John: Friday 17th December 2021

Hi everyone

Happy Christmas. We’ve tried to do as well as we could do this week, with all the current restrictions – but some amazing things have still happened, so at least what is often the week of the year that everyone most looks forward to wasn’t a total washout. Lovely things have happened in classes – in fact, people have generally had to spend more time in classes for Covid reasons. But the teams have had fun, made things together, cooked, celebrated, eaten – and of course done some schooling and learning too!!! Here are just a few things that have happened

[Sorry to be a bit schooly and worky at this point, but I’d appreciate it if you could spend a few minutes having a quick read of the blogpost on Key Drivers that we did a few days ago. It’s basically asking you guys to be actively involved in assessment in the school. I’ll pick it up next term]

Parents/Carers Views: Our Key Drivers: Wellbeing, Communication, Independence


There’s been a bit in the news recently about possible school closures or other changes and the like. At the moment we expect to be open as normal. Things are changing on an almost daily basis of course, which is incredibly frustrating for everyone. We’ll follow the national guidance for SEND schools. The best I can do today is to say that our plans are to be open, that we want to be open, and that we’ll be in contact with you if anything changes

Percy Quizmas

The first thing is that although we couldn’t do what we wanted with the Carols, we were able to do a quiz, and it was lovely to see so many of you on Teas for that! Thanks so much for your support, and hopefully you found it fun – and of course very educational! It’s so nice to have students, staff and Families together, even on Teams, because that’s when things start to feel like a community, and a partnership. Plus. It’s just nice

So anyway, congratulations to all the team, apologies for the terrible Quizmaster, all of which faults and delays were entirely down to him and not the brilliant technical team!

Here are some of the results! And I really don’t know if Santa’s reindeer were male or female or if the Harry Potter films are Christmas films or not. But I do like Wizzard (not Slade) and Maria Carey. Congratulations to


  • Merry Leddy Christmas
  • Jingle Belles

And then for each corridor


  • Marvellous Magpies
  • Super Starlings


  • Ant’s Angels
  • Tracy’s Twinklers


  • Chris Tingles
  • Feisty Pheasants


  • Christmas Jollies
  • Daley’s Darlings

Me Roy Wood wishing it could be a good hair day every day

But very well done, too, to Woodpeckers, Merry Owls, Donner, Blackbirds, Red Robins, Winter Coates, Four Calling Birds, Sassy Sandpipers, Team Grouse, Percy Parrots, Percy Peacocks, Daly’s Darlings, Santa’s Skylarks, Naughty Elves, Office

Congrats to all the team, and thanks for playing. I would have preferred to be outside, but we could definitely do something like that again couldn’t we? It was nice to be interacting with some of you, cheers

Talent Show – Express Your Elf!

This was my first one of these, and it was awesome! It was probably a bit different to how it was before Covid, but I thought it was great! What I truly was astounded at was how the people was how many of the pupils were confident and happy enough to get up in front of everyone to dance and sing – and even tell jokes! To have that kind of courage and confidence is something special and couldn’t have been ore impressive! It really is something

I really enjoyed it, and I think everyone who was there did too. Have a look at these. I could have put dozens up really. Everyone was great

Strictly Katie and Owen with a spicy rumba!

Sam Fender? Bah! We’ve got Nathan!


A future Boy Band Star – Harvey!

The Brilliant Milly, bringing it!!!!!

 Really really well done to everyone who took part – we were all so proud of them and so delighted to see every single one expressing themselves in this way. Let’s hope that there are even more acts next year!



We’re very lucky and pleased to have met Rev Sarah Moon, who has the church just next to the school, St John’s, and who conducted an online Christingle with many of the students this week. This was really lovely, with special How-to-construct-you Christingle Orange Candle for everyone*, a bit of singing, and a bit of the Rev Moon. It would be very nice to make this an annual event, and maybe of course in person and for everyone. But this was a very nice thing to do, and felt extremely Christmassy!

*In case you were wondering, this is how you do it. Everyone got a little pack! I still have mine!

And this is St John’s in Killingworth

Kayden Korner

He made a great contribution last week with his Winter Poem, and here he is this week with a Christmas one, appropriately enough

Also, he’s got a riddle

I have keys but no locks

I have space but no room

You can enter but can’t go inside……..

What am I?

(see the end of the blog for the answer, but guess first!)


Group of the Week and Stars of the Week 

This week Sarah and the gang are giving the award to ALL of the ELTBA students for the amazing work they put into their Christmas Show.  Every single one of them came out of their comfort zone in one way or another and had a clear goal of making people smile!  True stars in the making

     Stars of the Week!   



  Also Stars of the Week! 

Everyone who took part in the Talent Show. This is the full list of heroes

Katie and Owen: Dancing and Hasta Luego

Sophie: Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

Josh: Wonderwall

Aiden: It’s gonna be OK

Jack: Christmas Comedy

Kara and Milly: Titanium

Imogen; Dancing; True Colors

Nathan: 17 Going Under on guitar

Faith and Ella: Last Christmas dance

Harvey: Grenade

Lewis: Perfect


  Star of the Day! 

Jay for getting into Christmas after not being so keen in the past! Jay’s been really adaptable and engaging brilliantly STAR!!!

Percy Hedley Music Charts: this week’s #1

Please take a few minutes to listen to this – it’s absolutely brilliant!

Bird Watch

Our lovely Annual School Bird Project has taken a bit of a back seat recently with some classes because of Christmas and everything, although there a lot of birds in the 12 Days of Christmas and other stuff around this time, but look at this picture taken from Philip’s class

And Julie did this with the PE office – lovely


It’s been a long term and loads has happened. We’ve achieved a great deal, even when Covid has flared up again. Thanks for all your support. There’s still loads to do. I’m pretty certain that the school will only really be at its best when it’s a proper partnership, so thanks for doing all you are doing to help us with that. Have a read of the Key Drivers post, because that’s all part of it too

Have a lovely time over the holiday period, and all the very best to the whole family

Here’s to a great 2022. See you all soon



(Kayden Korner Riddlle Answer – a keyboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Whole school Percy Quizmas event

Further to our blog post yesterday advising that our Christmas Carols around the Tree will now be replaced by a virtual Whole School Quiz, we are pleased to share with you the link to event which will be held via Teams at 2pm on Thursday 14th December.

Click here to join the meeting

The event will be a fun quiz with prizes for pupils and parents!

Positive case in school: 3SH (Sarah Hamlins class)

Good morning,

We have unfortunately had a further positive case of Covid in school, this is unrelated to previous cases.  We have identified close contacts and those identified alongside Sarah Hamlin’s class who will need to isolate for the required time.

The class will return on Monday 12th July 2021.  Individual dates for close contacts not within the class group have been passed on to those parents separately.

If your child is well at the end of the 10 day period of self-isolation then they can return to their usual activities and attend school as normal.  Other members of your household can continue normal activities, provided your child does not develop symptoms within the 10 day self-isolation period.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact school for clarification.

The relevant class teams will contact all parents to arrange remote learning.

Thank you

Percy Hedley School Weekly Update – 28.05.21

Hello everyone

Welcome to the last weekly update of this half term.  This is a special extended edition as we’ve made it mainly about news that we’d usually include in the half termly school newsletter.  For the rest of the summer term we’ll include a family information section from Eileen Robinson, our Family Liaison Officer, whom many of you know, as part of John’s normal blog


School News 

This week we’ve got a bit of a round-up of things that have happened over the last few months, so here goes!


Monthly Medal Challenge in support of NE Youth

Three of our students took part in a monthly medal challenge back in February, helping to raise an amazing £11,000 for NE Youth. This event was organised by Jo Shallcross in memory of her father John, who’s charitable work raised over £1,000,000 for this charity. Here are some photos of Imogen, Milly and Santi proudly showing their medals. We are very proud of you all!


Project Linus Northumbria Donation

In April we had a visit from this group who have been keeping busy during lockdown making quilts. We received 50, which were distributed to our youngest pupils in green bubble.  Each quilt was lovingly handmade with a lovely poem included

Here you can see some very happy students who received a quilt!

If you’d like to know more about Project Linus Northumbria you can visit


Activities planned for next Half Term

As we progress from lockdown, we have some lovely plans for our students

Our Green Bubble can look forward to a circus skills in school event on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th June. This will be adapted to meet the needs of all pupils

Our Yellow Bubble will have a magic show on Thursday 1st July

We hope also to offer Blue Bubble an African drumming day (yet to be confirmed)

These have been made possible by Chris Fewster Smith, parent to two of our students in collaboration with the PTA – thank you, Chris


Support Percy Hedley when you shop on Amazon

Support The Percy Hedley Foundation every time you buy through
Simply sign up and buy through Amazon Smile and for every order you make Amazon donates 0.5% of the price to The Foundation. 💜



We’ve had no confirmed cases in school this week.  With the emergence of the new variant in North Tyneside, we’ve been asked by the council to remind parents to continue to support us with preventing the spread of infection by participating in the lateral flow testing and continuing to follow the guidance on hands-face-space and social distancing.

Reporting positive cases to school over half term

In line with guidance from public health, we need to continue to do contact tracing for positive cases during the half term break.  Please contact school immediately if your child develops symptoms of COVID-19 or tests positive by emailing

LFD testing over half term for students taking part 

For students who are taking the LFD testing, in line with the DfE advice, we’re asking students to continue to complete the twice weekly testing during the holidays.  Here is a reminder of how to report test results

Please report each test result 

Once your child has completed their test, the result must be logged with both the NHS Test and Trace and school via the following links: 


I hope you all have a lovely half term break.  Thanks for all your support. There won’t be an update next Friday but we’ll be back the week after


Family Information 


I’ve included an update about what the PTA have been up to and some information and resources that I hope you find useful.  If there is any information that you’d like me to include, please get in touch to let me know.

PTA Update

School Fayre – Volunteers Needed!

We’re busy planning the summer fayre which will take place on Saturday 10th July.

We’d like to say a big thank you for the generous donations we’ve received for the tombola and raffle.  We’re keeping everything crossed that the fayre will be able to go ahead and we really hope that it provides a safe space for our families to meet up again after the longest time. There will be fairground rides (teacups and chairoplanes), ferret rescue, community police, blood bikes, Smile through Sport, food vendors and craft stalls. There will also be some tombola games and what is shaping up to be a fantastic raffle; tickets will only be available on the day at the event.

We still need your help to make it a fantastic event.  We’re looking for:

Volunteers to help on the day. Could extended family help if parents/carers aren’t able to do so?

Tombola and raffle donations: Chocolate, bottles of alcohol, raffle prizes

An most importantly as many of you as possible to come along on the day to make it fun!


Too early to be thinking about Christmas, we know!  After the huge success of the PTA funded online pantomime last year, we have funded pantomime for this year, “Alice in Wonderland” which will be shown in school. As our students are now back at school, and it is licenced we will not be able to share links for it to be viewed at home.

Picnic Benches

The PTA has funded picnic benches which are located in front of school reception. Please use them to sit when you’re dropping off or collecting students from school.  They’re also a great spot for our staff to enjoy the outdoors during lunch breaks.

Circus Skills

The PTA Committee is going to fund an additional day of circus skills so that each class can attend.  This will be great fun for everyone!

A few thank yous…

We are fortunate to have, on our committee a parent who has links which have greatly benefited school. We have been able to provide classes with toys, games and resources.

Donna, our current Chair has worked to involve school and parent governors in the PTA to facilitate communication between parents/carers and school. This made a big difference at our last PTA meeting and we appreciate Kate Cordwell Smith, parent governor joining our meeting too.

On behalf of the PTA, I wish to thank John Steward, our Head Teacher for joining the AGM and our last meeting.  This, in addition to allowing Jo Thomas Senior Administrator at school to join the PTA committee has given us other options to support school. Her experience and links are invaluable.

The PTA is ambitious; but we are only successful if we have the support of parents/carers and staff.


Half Term Activities

As it’s half term next week, here are some options for activities for you to do.

Durham and District Leisure Group (DADLG)

 Durham and District Leisure Group serves those living in Durham and neighbouring authorities. To access their activities, you need to register with them via the website. You can register using the link below.

They are running some groups via zoom at present.  The group is cautiously planning some outdoor events within government guidance (up to 30 people) and hope, subject to the exit pathway continuing to resume clubs indoors from September.


Tim Lamb Centre    

The Tim Lamb Centre is one of the charitable services provided by Pathways 4 All.  You will need to become a Pathways 4 All member to visit the Tim Lamb Centre.  Once you have joined you can also take advantage of our other services.   All membership packages are for one year from the date you sign up or renew.

Situated within the Rising Sun Country Park Pathways 4 All is a parent-led charity, providing play and leisure services for disabled children and young people.  We support disabled children/ young people and their families across Tyne & Wear, Northumberland, Country Durham and Teesside.

Whilst they were closed during the pandemic they have been busy upgrading the external play area to make it accessible for all. A wheelchair accessible swing will be added, courtesy of a grant from the Morrison’s Foundation. A National Lottery grant will upgrade the indoor space, removing the ball pit to replace it with a play space which is easier to clean.

Subject to the exit pathway from the COVID-19 pandemic continuing, they will re-open on 21st June.Visit the website for more details.

 Pathways 4 All membership is available to any family who has a disabled child/young person.  We also welcome families who have a child with additional needs/ awaiting a diagnosis.

Only one family membership card is required per household.  Siblings are welcome too.

Families can sign up for membership on their first visit to the Tim Lamb Centre.  If you would like to fill out our membership form prior to your first visit, please download the form here.

The current price of our family membership is £15 per year, which enables us to keep our entrance price discounted.  We accept both cash and card payments.

You can contact them on:

Telephone: 0191 266 5233  Email



May Half term ONLINE holiday Club:

This was received in the school mailbox and is an online Martial Arts course. It may be suitable for some of our students. Flyer and link to book are below:

Link to book:



A National charity, formerly known as Contact a family is for families with disabled children. We support families, bring families together and help families take action for others.  They have several resources online and tend to keep up to date with changes in anything disability related.  I have included below links to some to which I regularly refer and signpost.

Financial support and Benefits:

Preparation for Adulthood

Advice is available on the following link:

There is also a Facebook page:


Workshops/Training opportunities:

E-safety. We plan to run an E-Safety workshop for parents before the end of the academic year.  I would really urge parents/carers to take up this training, which is so informative to support you and your children/young people to remain safe online.

If you have any questions or would like any more information, please get in touch with Eileen Robinson


Telephone: 0191 2161811

Update, 9 April 2020

Hello everyone,

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the Easter break.

We’re all very excited for the start of the summer term next week.

We can’t wait to see our students back in school next week and to hear about what they’ve been getting up to!

See you next week.

John S

Weekly update, 26th March 2021

Hello everyone 

 It’s the end of term, and it’s been a term when we’ve had snow, Covid and a change of Headteacher. We’ve also celebrated Lesley Eden completing 40 years’ work here at PHS, which is incredible – we’re all so very grateful and in awe of her and what she has done. I’d like to dedicate this Easter message to her. It’s a long one but there’s some good stuff in it today! 

It’s also been fantastic to meet a few of the leading lights in the PTA, and I am amazed at the extent of their support: thank you so much if you are at all involved with that group. If you want to be, do contact our fabulous Family Liaison colleague, Eileen.

Also – Exams! Well done to all pupils in KS4 and Post-16 who have been sitting exams this week. Congratulations on all your hard work and perseverance with in such a strange time! Well Done postcards are on the way home! 

OK, I have to do Covid now… 

COVID-19 update 

We’ve had no positive cases in school this week 🤞, but everyone is still being sensible and doing all they can to stay healthy. 

Reporting positive cases to school over Easter 

In line with guidance from public health, we need to continue to do contact tracing for positive cases during the Easter break.  Please contact school immediately if your child develops symptoms of COVID-19 or tests positive by emailing   Thanks 

LFD testing over Easter break for students taking part 

For students who are taking the LFD testing, in line with the DfE advice, we’re asking students to continue to complete the twice weekly testing during the holidays.  Here is a reminder of how to report test results 

Please report each test result 

Once your child has completed their test, the result must be logged with both the NHS Test and Trace and school via the following links: 

What does it mean if my child has a positive result? 

If your child has a positive antigen LFD test result they, their household and any support bubbles they are part of should self-isolate immediately in line with NHS Test and Trace guidance for 10 days. You need to report your result to both NHS Test & Trace and Percy Hedley School. 

You should order a confirmatory PCR test if you are testing at home (confirmatory PCR tests are not needed if the test was conducted at the Asymptomatic Test Site at school).  You can book a test here:  

If you’ve any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact    

Parent Communications 

I hope that you’ve been finding these weekly updates useful since we introduced them after the parent communications survey.  I enjoy writing them! If you have any other suggestions about how we can improve parent communications, please email them to 

World Book Day 

Today we celebrated a belated World Book Day.  We’ve been dressing up, celebrating, and generally doing nice things! 

We’ve done it as part of our Art Week, and it’s been a huge success. Pupils have enjoyed working on their books and creating some fantastic displays of their hard work 

Here are a few pictures of our staff joining in the World Book Day fun: 

The Percy Hedley Virtual Race Night 

The Percy Hedley Foundation has really missed being able to hold all their usual fundraising events over the past year and, as we can’t all meet in person (just yet) we would like to invite you, your friends and family to join our first ever virtual event – The Percy Hedley Virtual Race Night – which will be held on Friday 9th April from 7.30pm to 9.00pm 

Hosted by BBC Radio’s very own Alfie Joey, we hope to present you with 90 minutes of excitement and fun.  Entry costs only £10 which includes your horse selections – one horse in each of the 7 races.

We really hope you can join us and support our work. 

You can register to attend by clicking this link: 

Easter Egg Donation 

Sandra Phelps was an SSA with us for many years and left over the summer to work at the NHS Northumbria Health Care PPE Manufacturing Hub, where they are currently producing PPE for Covid. Sandra had a fund-raising event with her new colleagues and with the money raised bought easter eggs for each of our pupils which they are all taking home today. Sandra’s colleagues and their families made gift tags for the eggs and their management team picked the best ones, with winners all getting an egg themselves. We all thank Sandra and her colleagues for their wonderful donation 

Carole Harder, Percy Hedley Foundation Chief Executive, is leaving in April 

Here is a link to a statement from the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Jonathan Jowett with more information 

I hope you all enjoy the Easter break and have a lovely time together; we look forward to seeing students back in school on 12 April. All the best.


John S