isaac:I Work with eva today after break.

Grace: on monday in food test  the monday group we made potato salad

emily beezer:

megan ridley: i enjoyed cookery with my cookery teacher on Monday with my friends [in school.

The 5th week back in 4RS

Grace: ‘I enjoyed P.E because on Monday because I was using my power chair to do a obstacle course. It was fun. On Tuesday I went swimming with Jackie and we walked up the stairs of the pool.

Isaac: ‘I’ve enjoyed swimming with Jackie and P.E on Monday. I did really well in the beanbag throw activites

Azhad: ‘I enjoyed English because I liked sharing things about myself to my friends. The Maths game about rounding was fun to play with Laura.

Colin: ‘ I did art on Wednesday morning.

Megan: ‘I did my power chair driving with Stuart it was fantastic. I was good at driving into small spaces.

Danny: ‘Today I enjoyed rebound, it seemed to help with my cold.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. :):)

A busy week in 4TS


We are celebrating two winners in our class this week.  Grace and Pippa participated in a Panathlon at Gateshead Stadium with students from across key stage four and also Post 16.  The competition was fierce, but Percy Hedley were victorious!!  The girls each received a medal and the school got a certificate.  Well done Grace and Pippa!!

In Social Communication we are learning about appropriate behaviour in conversations. We having been talking about different questions we ask to our friends, families and also conversation topics in more formal settings.  We will be continuing this topic next week and the staff are watching us closely to see if we are putting into practice what we have learned.

Can students practice their conversation skills at home and if you can pop a note in the diary of any achievements that would be great thank you.

We hope you enjoy your weekend

Tracy and the students

Panathlon May 4TSPanathlon May 4TS

Easter Party in 4TS

On the last day before the Easter holidays we had an Easter party in 4TS. We made easter bunny baskets, ‘pinned’ the tail on the bunny and had an Easter Egg hunt!

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Girls Sport


Students from Post 16 and KS4 have been taking part in a variety of sporting activities especially for girls at both Gateshead Stadium and Walker Dome. These include football, tag rugby, dance, pentathlon and multi skills. It is a good social opportunity to mix with girls from other schools.