E safety at PHS

E safety is an integral part of the work we complete in school and is covered in our computing curriculum and PSHE curriculum.

If you have any concerns about keeping your child safe online please feel free to contact us for some over the phone advice, face to face meeting or general information.

Computing coordinator Maria Mawdesley


Computing coordinator Philip Coates


Any concerns regarding e-safety which are brought to our attention are logged for our internal records,  and to allow us to effectively plan the curriculum, training or any interventions required whether on an individual or whole school level.




Parents e-safety Training 

In February we ran our first “Parents E-safety Introduction” training sessions. Please find a link to the training here

Your feedback is much appreciated following this training session. Please fill in the feedback form below to help with future planning. It will only take 2 minutes.

Parents Feedback Form



Further Links

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Group Chats

Lots of our students enjoy using group chats outside of school through social media, gaming and messaging apps, but what do we need to know about them? What should we be looking out for? What are the risks? and are these chat forums open to strangers gaining access?

Guidance from National Online Safety can support parents to keep our children and young adults safe and help them to make the right choices. Find all the info here!


Xbox Family Settings App

It’s important to have an open dialogue and supportive relationship with your child whilst they navigate the world of tech. This includes gaming which can be a very daunting area of IT for parents to understand and keep on top of.

Xbox offer a great family sharing app which provides an overview to parents of their child’s gaming experience, provides controls and relevant restrictions which can aid peace of mind, and a safe space for all.

There is lovely video all about it here

Tik Tok

Social media platform TikTok has announced it will be introducing a new feature to encourage users to take a screen break from the app if they’ve been on it for an extended period of time.

Newsround have covered this story which can be read here

To learn more about Tik Tok, and ways in which you can keep your child safe whilst enjoying the app

See the full information sheet here

Poster provided by National Online Safety





Apple IOS 16: Family Sharing

Apple announced this week many updates across their devices. IOS 16 is due for release this September which features Family Sharing:

Manage child accounts with ease

Easily create accounts for children with the right parental controls from the start. Set your preferences for age-appropriate media, Screen Time, location sharing and more. Screen Time requests from your kids now appear in Messages, so it’s easy to approve or decline a request.


For more information, visit: https://www.apple.com/uk/ios/ios-16-preview/

If you would like any support in setting these features up, please don’t hesitate to contact one of your child’s team, Philip Coates or Maria Mawdesley


Parent E-safety session

In February we invited parents to our first Parents e-safety introduction session. If you missed it, don’t worry! You can access it here. As mentioned in the training, if you have any feedback about he session or would like some input into future Safeguarding events, please fill in the attached Google Form which can be found here!

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