Easter Fun

Everyone has been competitive in KS4 today as it was time for our annual hard boiled egg competition. The bar was raised yet again with some wonderful and weird creations…..


Student Competition






Staff Competition







It all became very tense when we drafted in an impartial judge…



The winners



1st place – Ben Middleton with ‘Castaway’

2nd place – Jamie Wilson with ‘Kirby’

3rd place – Imogen King with ‘Minion’



1st place – Jo Ferguson with ‘Eggie the Eagle’

2nd place – Rebecca Fletcher with ‘Eggward Scissorhands’


Have an eggcellent easter everyone!



English Trips to Spanish City

Inspired by the journey of Phileas Fogg from “Around the World in Eighty Days”, we travelled to Whitley Bay to explore the nearby coastal town. After eating some delicious ice creams at Di Meo’s, we had a peek inside the newly refurbished Spanish City. As well as applying topic words to a real life situation, the trip provided a stimulus for our travel log writing project. Here are a few pictures we took a long the way….

Making 3D shapes and recognising the shape of their faces

In maths the group have been working on shapes this half term.  This week we have been making 3D shapes out of playdough and recognising the shapes that make up the faces of the shapes.  We have had a great time making the shapes and looking at the shapes our friends have made.

English Creative Writing Project

As part of our English ‘Creative Writing’ curriculum some students in Key Stage 4 have been creating their own ‘Crazy Creatures’ and writing stories based around them.  Pupils have drawn and labelled their characters, written a description of them and have begun to plan their stories using a story mountain.  As part of the writing we have been practicing our redrafting skills, using self and peer assessment to correct our work and make it even better, adding punctuation and adjectives to make our writing really interesting! The creatures are beginning to sound amazing!



Make Easter Special!

As part of our COPE project some students from KS4 ran a small Easter fair for students in school.  The pupils organised the event themselves to complete a unit for their award, working together to raise money for a charity of their choice.  Pupils decided to support the local charity ‘Make Easter Special’, which is a charity they have supported before, who allow for local people to attend a gathering, who may not have the chance to have a celebration of their own over the Easter weekend.

Pupils ran a cake stall, a guess the name of the bunny, a tombola and count the number of eggs.  Pupils raised £90 for the charity, who have expressed their thanks for our support to put on the event for vulnerable local people.



Thursday Community Trips

Every thursday since September 4CT have been enjoying The cafe and Library. The boys and girls have been ordering their own food and drink and engaging in conversation with one another. This has been a great opportunity for our students to develop social and practical skills


PB101083 PB101088 PB101081

Volcano Project

Some of KS4 Speech and Language have been working on a project about natural disasters in Humanities.  Pupils have been making their own volcanoes to use in a science experiment, they are beginning to look fantastic!