Family Information and PTA News 29 April 2022

The weather was kind for the Easter holidays and we are now in the final term. There seems to be lots going on around school. No doubt, as is usual at this time of year the students will be out and about more.

Free School Meals

We have been asked by North Tyneside Council, who provide the (school holiday) vouchers for students eligible for free school meals to contact a few people who had not downloaded their vouchers. I thought it may help to give you the following information:

  • Percy Hedley School provides meals at no cost to all students during the school term.
  • Vouchers are provided by North Tyneside for those who meet the eligibility criteria for free school meals. These are to provide meals for the child during that school holiday. These are sent to you by email from a company called Edenred and not school.
  • Vouchers will normally be valid from the first day of the school holiday/half term.
  • When vouchers are issued, you need to download these within a week, or thereabouts of receipt. The purpose of these vouchers is to cover a meal for that holiday period only. Although valid for a few months, if they are not downloaded North Tyneside Council will cancel them and there is no way of re-activating.

If you believe you meet the criteria and don’t receive vouchers, you probably have not completed the form and provided evidence, your email address may have changed or the wrong email address was entered historically. Please contact me if you need more information or if you think you are eligible and don’t receive vouchers.

The Little Falcon

If you would like a copy of Tracey’s debut book “The Little Falcon”, you can sign up for pre-order now. The link below will direct you to a website to leave your name and email address. When the book is ready she will be in touch to arrange payment and delivery!
A heart warming story about true friendship and a little Falcon that can’t fly. Perfect for children aged 7 and under, although I’m sure a story that can be enjoyed by all 🥰
Inspired by her son Toby, who has cerebral palsy and his wonderful friend Jodi from Illinois ❤
10% of profits will be donated to Percy Hedley PTA.
The cost of the book will be £6.99.
I can’t wait to read it and have ordered for family members too. For me, it is a positive way to share the positivity from Toby’s connection with Jodi.

Here is the link to pre -order


Inclusion North: Reaching out to families event

I would be interested to know if anyone has joined one of these zoom groups. The next one is on Friday 6th May from 10.30-12.oo

Reaching Out to Families flyer May 22


10 of the best family days out for those who use wheelchairs

I saw this on the Facebook page of “Northeast Family Fun” and although they have a website I was unable to find the link. I shared it on our Facebook page, but on discussion with a parent know that not everyone uses it. I promised to share it on this week’s blog. The link is below:


Raby Castle and gardens

Thanks to Jo, mum to Lucy for this information. She visited over Easter and said most of the trail was accessible. There is also a Potters Forest and Playpark. Although there was a step, difficult for wheelchairs to get from the car park staff were very helpful and found a solution. Let’s hope her feedback leads to something more permanent. I attach the accessibility information and link to their website.

Just so that you know, there isn’t a “changing place” there.

Pets Corner: Jesmond Dene. 

This has re-opened and the link to get more detail is here

It is open from 11-15.00 every day except bank holidays.

Holy Island: Lindisfarne Castle and Priory

Fully refurbished public toilets at Holy Island are now open ahead the Bank Holiday weekend.
The loos on Green Lane have been modernised and now include a new ‘Changing Places’ fully accessible disabled toilet facility.
May be an image of outdoors
⬇️ Accessible Booking Information ⬇️
For further details or to make a booking, please give our team a call on 0191 243 1171. Our team are available to take calls between 10am – 3:30pm weekdays, with some additional hours around shows.
Alternatively, you can send an email to


Bet you have forgotten that we are planning a summer fayre

We will be accepting things for the tombolas and raffle. Whilst we need lots of volunteers to make this run smoothly we are aware that not everyone has extended family support. However, do you have a teenager who would benefit from some voluntary work? Let us know as we would love to involve them.

PTA News

With the lovely weather returning the PTA has now paid the annual educational subscription for National Trust. I have also established that schools can access English Heritage properties free of charge if the visit is part of their curriculum. I hope this enables our students to get out and about this term. Due to COVID these visits have to be pre-booked and we have no control over the weather but fingers crossed classes can make use of these properties.


PTA Meeting

Our next PTA meeting will be on Tuesday 17th May, 14-15.00. The link to join the meeting via TEAMS is here. I will check towards the end of next week to see if/when we are likely to resume face to face meetings.

PTA Facebook page

The link to join the Percy Hedley School Facebook page is here


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.


Family Liaison Officer


Telephone: 0191 2161811 ext 3260


Message from John and the Team: Friday 29th April 2022

Hi everyone

It’s good to be writing this to you in the Summer Term – obviously the best term! I hope you all had a lovely holiday together, and that the weather stayed good for you all round. It’s lovely to be back, to see the children here, and to have some sunshine and better weather. There’s been lots of sport already, as you can see from this picture of some students doing the Active Mile, there have been exciting therapy activities, and all the classes are getting on with their summer plans, topics, themes and reading – as well, maybe, as exams! There’s a lot to do this term, and exams or similar is one of them for about twenty-five of our students. There’s also some nice news at the end too about a few exciting events

Have a look at the food pictures too, and I hope you enjoy the other pictures. We look forward to start seeing people more in the school from now on – fingers crossed! – and moving ahead with many of those plans that have been put on hold for so long

Anyway, nice to be talking to you again, please do enjoy the blog and the long weekend. All the best to all of you, from all of us here

You said, We Listened: Lunches!

I thought you may be interested in the Taster Day that we had yesterday and today. It went down really well and there was a massive buzz in the dining room as everyone tried new or different things and “fed” (sorry) back on them. There must have been twenty different things to try, but this was part of the menu and the feedback questions. It may give you a rough idea at least of what we did. There were all sorts of options and styles of cooking. Veggie meatballs were excellent! We’re going to have these six times a year

Here’s a few of the photos for some of the foods that were tried. There were also questions about what they liked and didn’t like, options for puddings, and a few other things. The point about all of it is just to try and make things better, and school dinners are a good topic to do that for!

Some of the guys might not have been so keen at the start, but by the end were really into it!

   Mmmm, cauliflower, my total favourite!

 Here’s some of the things that the students said

  • Aiden – I tried everything and I loved it.  It was the best meal ever
  • Laiton – I liked being able to try new things.   I would like to do it again.
  • Nikhit – I tried the wraps.  I really liked the different foods and asked if they were doing it again the next day!
  • Bobbie – I tried the Chinese chicken.  It was lovely and hope it will now be on the menu
  • Grace – enjoyed it so much she went up for seconds 

Achievement & Progress

Quick re-cap: The Wheel is an easy way to show how we bring together the many ways that our pupils make progress. These are the Strands

  • Therapy
  • EHC Outcomes
  • Curriculum Pathways
  • Wellbeing
  • Case Study Profile Portraits
  • Key Drivers
  • Appropriate Accredited Awards
  • Destinations & Next Steps
Measuring progress in all of these different ways is holistic, fits the lessons we teach, is based on the professional judgements of our excellent staff, is monitored regularly, and indicates where we need to intervene to improve things. The Voice & Influence of our pupils and those of you at home are threaded through it. We’re improving it all the time and at the moment just arranging how and when we talk over this individually with you all; we’ll get back to you soon with details

The Wheel

 Wellbeing Champions

Obviously Wellbeing is one of the most important things here – it’s one of our Key Drivers – and we now have some great staff who are Wellbeing Champions. With the rest of the Wellbeing Team and other colleagues, they’ve been working with some of our pupils on various topics that are important to them. This kind of work is a really good addition to the school. They worked on some lovely things with the pupils in the last half term and they’ve already started on a new project which will help some others

Have a look at something they produced below

Therapy Focus – Eye Gaze

Our students who access computers and VOCAs using Eye-Gaze have created amazing art work using their eyes to independently access creative software. Some of their work is now displayed in school for staff and students to see. It’s really good – clever and creative!!!!!

There’s an interesting website if you’re interested in this kind of thing

Those brilliant Eye-Gaze artists:

Ellie Mai, Christopher, Charlie, Nat, Alex, Katie, Owen, Eve, Tyler, Leroy, Nieve and Dylan. Fantastic job by all of them!

Group of the Week: Sandpipers


As a part of their theme The World Around Us: Great Britain, and to start the Queen’s 70th jubilee celebrations, students in Sandpipers began the first of their MOVEing with the Queen series! Looks like it was great fun

Nieve worked on maintaining a sitting position and head control while tracking one of the Queen’s horses

Jack enjoyed wearing the crown

George tried out different types of tea!

Also a Very Nice Group – and Sunflower Watch!

Sandpipers are a lovely class. Another lovely class is Woodpeckers who are doing something great and growing sunflowers. I don’t want to jinx their growth and say that we will put a picture of their growth in every week, but I snapped them this morning and this is what they looked like. Who doesn’t love sunflowers? This is what they look like now at least anyway…..

Let’s see how they grow!

Subject Focus – the Active Mile in PE

I mentioned this last time, and it’s such a good activity. As of this morning, the school had done 124 miles but loads of classes were planning to add to the total today

The Active Mile supports the national Daily Mile initiative but includes school pupils of all ages from North Tyneside and encourages young people (and older ones!) to participate in a range of activities in order to become more active

It is such a simple activity to do but the pupils love it. Great stuff. Hi guys! *Waves back*

Nice one, Harvey – keep everyone hydrated!

Class Poem

The fabulous Blackbirds did this lovely poem when they were looking at alliteration in their English sessions this week, and now it’s up in the corridor outside their room, which is also nice. It’s great to see this kind of work being done, and that class is such a nice class – all of them! (Not sure about the McDonalds, but I love the rest of it! 😊)

Engagement Star of the Week

Nieve is the STAR!!! of the Engagement Pathway this week for the great achievement in working on control and tracking! Well done, Nieve!

ELTBA Star of the Week

This week we would like to give the ELTBA star of the week to Mohammed in Starlings.  Over the past few months he has worked so hard in his swimming lessons and has become more confident in the water.  He always listens well to the instructions and has super impressed the staff at the pool with his perseverance and determination to swim.  He managed to swim a whole width this week and will hopefully be soon moved up to the large pool.  AmazingMohammed, you’re a STAR!!! 😊

Another Great Star of the Week!

Bobbie from Tracy’s needs to get to be a STAR!!! This week, as he has joined the True Colours drama group with students from across school.  He took this in his stride, meeting new staff and students, which boosted his confidence

 Also in that class

Logan, Drae, Mattie and Bobbie have, even after coming back after Easter, remembered all their reading and phoncs, and continued to make progress in their Essential Letters and Sounds daily sessions. All STARS!!!!!! (especially for Reading!)

 Finally…..#1 PROM!

Yes, our first official Prom will be happening at the school in July! We have a marvellous Prom Committee who are busy planning it all, and there will all sorts of fun things to do there. More info to come in the following weeks!


This one is particularly important because it’s the first, but also because we are inviting leavers from the past couple of years, whose plans have been disrupted because of Covid. Hopefully as many students as possible will want to come and it will all be a bit of a good laugh

Finally finally…..

And although Eileen will I am sure cover it in her blog, we also have the Summer Fair happening on the 16th July too. I really enjoyed the (Autumn) Summer Fair last year, and it was great to meet more of you than I had done before. We’ll be able to give update son this, and our marvellous PTA will undoubtedly have loads to say on the whole matter! Can’t wait!


Stop press!

The Active Mile amount is now up to 150 mile!!!!!!! The Skylarks have been down and done some now too! Well done everyone!

All the very best to all of you, from all of us here

John and the Team

 The Wheel



More of that food!

COVID-19 vaccine for 5 – 11 year olds

COVID-19 vaccinations for children aged 5-11 years.

The immunisation team is planning to come into school on Wednesday 27th April to administer the above vaccine to students aged 5-11 years. Below is the information we received late this afternoon from the team. I have been asked by the school nursing team to share this with parents/carers and if your child falls into this category you will receive a link to this post. School is now closed for the Easter holiday but as per the instructions you need to contact the immunisation team who will answer any queries you may have. Details are on the letter.

The 2nd letter attached is the Consent Form which must be completed before the vaccination can be given.

Dear Parent / Guardian,

As you may be aware, 5-11 year olds are being given the opportunity to have their 1st dose of the COVID-19 vaccination in schools, as announced by the four UK nations’ Chief Medical Officers.

COVID-19 is usually mild in most children, but it can make some children unwell. Vaccinating children can also help stop the spread of COVID-19 to other people, including within schools.

Parental consent to vaccinate your child in school is required in advance, for any COVID-19 vaccinations.

If your child has tested positive for COVID-19 and is not at high risk from COVID-19, they need to wait 12 weeks before they can have a COVID-19 vaccine.

The School Immunisation Team’s Covid Vaccinators, will be visiting your child’s school to give the vaccine from April 2022.

To book an appointment within your child’s school please use the below link:

Northumbria Healthcare NHS | Scheduling and Booking Website (

Any child under the age of 11 needs to be accompanied by a family member. If this is not possible, please contact the Immunisation Team on 0191 349 9633.

If you would like your child to receive their 1st Covid vaccine, please complete the attached consent form and bring it to your child’s appointment.

NEW covid consent 5-11

Covid letter 5-11 April 2022

Best wishes,

Eileen Robinson

on behalf of the School Nursing Team


Family Information and PTA weekly news 8 April 2022

And just like that, we are at the end of the 2nd term, with just one more to go. I really hope that the Easter break is a bright, sunny one and that you can get out and about in the fresh air.

My hope was, and still is that I will soon be able to invite parents in for a coffee morning/afternoon. Pre pandemic I used to hold these half termly. They were intended as an opportunity me to meet parents/carers, for parents to get together, share experiences and tips in school. Class/departmental ones are different, with the class teams present. I want to know if parents/carers would:

  • want these to resume
  • prefer morning; 9.30-10.45 or afternoon 13.45 – 15.00 as times
  • be interested in a TEAMS option should we still be restricted by the impact of COVID.

We do have the benches outside, and this would be another option weather permitting.

Please let me know your views. I will put something on our Facebook page too.

Thanks to all the students and staff who bought tickets for our mini Easter raffle.

We raised £112 for the PTA. Thanks too, to Francis Goldsmith White’s grandmother who knitted the bunnies. Lots of people wanted to win them.

I am sorry this raffle came as a surprise to parents/carers who missed the notification in last week’s blog. I have taken on board, and should have known that tired parents do not always read or remember these and I will ensure that in future these are put on a separate blog. Despite this, you have responded in your usual positive way and I know I speak for the committee when I say thank you for all you do to support us.

Just to remind you that students return to school on Monday 25th April.



SEND Review

The Department for Education is offering 4 free workshops in May where parents can ask questions about government plans to reform the SEND support system in England.
Book your place via these links:
🔹 London (12 May):
🔹 Manchester (17 May):
🔹 Leicester (19 May):
🔹 Virtual event (23 May):
Contact has also created a dedicated webpage full of information and advice on the #SENDReview to help families answer the government’s consultation by 1 July.
Keep an eye on for regular updates from our team 👇
The SEND review | Contact


The Metrocentre is pleased to announce that the Metrocentre Sensory Backpacks are back!
We understand that for some people, shopping centres can be a stressful experience. Our sensory backpacks have an array of sensory toys to make shopping comfortable for you.
You can hire your Sensory Backpacks from our customer service desks in upper Platinum Mall and lower Green Mall.
More info click here:
In addition, they offer “quiet hours” for those who need them.  Please see the link below for details:
The Metrocentre has disabled toilets and a “Changing Place”. Details are on the link below
Places where children eat free during the Easter Holidays
Not all have restaurants in the North East, but you may be travelling…
May be an image of text
More discounted food venues for children in the North East over Easter
North East Restaurants where Kids Eat Free (or for £1) this Easter
May be an image of text that says "KIDS EAT FREE (or for £1) This Easter North East Restaurants Zucchini Pasta Bar Metrocentre Bella Italia Secret Garden Seaton Delaval Dobbies Aneesas (under 3s) Rio Steakhouse (under 5s) Fiume Washington M&S Cafe Sizzling Pubs Willow Farm Cramlington Wheatsheaf Farm Woolsington Valley Farm Team Valley NB Date restrictions and T&Cs apply. Always check fully with venue direct when making plans NORTH AST UN FAMILY"

Check the t&cs / find out more here:…/north-east…

Please ALWAYS check for t&cs with venues direct when booking and ordering. Most of these deals are only available on specific dates and times (you’ll find them in the link above)


Scotswood Gardens

Next Saturday there is a Mini Pride event happening at Scotswood Gardens! It’s free and there will be lots of fab activities and storytelling run by Curious Arts (and our regular Music and Movement Garden with Jo will be on too!)

The sessions run from 2pm – 3pm or 3.30pm – 4.30pm
To book contact Sally on 07808473300


Ouseburn Farm 


Our Easter events are live on our website (link in bio) and we’ve got lots in store including the welcome return of lamb feeding! Help them grow big and strong 💪🏻   

Tickets book out fast so get your skates on…
UPDATE: 18.30pm – additional tickets released now!!

  May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'WEDNESDAY 13TH LAMB FEEDING: 9,30-10.00AM, 12.00-12.30PM 3.30-4PM 3.30- LAMB PETTING: 11-11:30AM & 2-2:30PM EGG BOX GARDEN: 1.30-2PM GOAT WALKING: 1-1:45PM EASTER STORY TIME WITH SEVEN STORIES 10AM & 11AM THURSDAY 14TH LAMB FEEDING: 9,30-10.00AM, 12.00-12,30PM, 3.30-4PM LAMB PETTING: 11-11:30AM & 2-2:30PM RABBIT & GUINEA PIG PETTING AND GROOMING: 11-11:45AM MEET THE ANIMALS: 12,30-1.15PM EGG BOX GARDEN: 1.30-2PM GOAT WALKING: 1-1:45PM REPTILE BATHING: 2-2:45PM'


May be an image of animal, outdoors and text that says 'FRIDAY 15TH APRIL LAMB FEEDING: 9.30-10.00AM, 12.00-12.30PM, 3.30-4PM LAMB PETTING: 11-11:30AM 2-2:30PM RABBIT & GUINEA PIG PETTING AND GROOMING: 11-11:45AM EGG BOX GARDEN: 1,30-2PM GOAT WALKING: 1-1:45PM REPTILE BATHING: 2-2:45PM SATURDAY 16TH APRIL LAMB FEEDING: 9.30-10.00AM, 12,00-12.30PM 3.30-4PM LAMB PETTING: 11-11:30AM &2-2:30PM RABBIT & GUINEA PIG PETTING AND GROOMING: 11-11:45AM EGG BOX GARDEN: 1,30-2PM GOAT WALKING: 1-1:45PM REPTILE BATHING: 2-2:45PM' May be an image of food and text that says 'MONDAY 18TH APRIL LAMB FEEDING: 9.30-10.00AM, 12.00-12,30PM, 3.30-4PM LAMB PETTING: 11-11:30AM & 2-2:30PM GOAT WALKING: 1-1:45PM TUESDAY 19TH APRIL LAMB FEEDING: 9.30-10.00AM, 12,00-12.30PM, 3.30-4PM LAMB PETTING: 11-11:30AM & 2-2:30PM RABBIT & GUINEA PIG PETTING AND GROOMING: 11-11:45AM MEET THE ANIMALS 12,30-1.15PM GOAT WALKING: 1-1:45PM REPTILE BATHING: 2-2:45PM' May be an image of animal and text that says 'WEDNESDAY 20TH LAMB FEEDING: 9.30-10.00AM, 12.00-12.30PM, 3.30-4PM LAMB PETTING: 11-11:30AM &2-2:30PM MEET THE ANIMALS: 12.30-1.15PM EGG BOX GARDEN: 1.30-2PM GOAT WALKING: 1-1:45PM EASTER STORY TIME WITH SEVEN STORIES -10AM &11AM THURSDAY 21ST LAMB FEEDING: 9.30-10.00AM 12.00-12.30PM, 3.30-4PM LAMB PETTING: 11-11:30AM & 2-2:30PM RABBIT & GUINEA PIG PETTING AND GROOMING: 11-11:45AM MEET THE ANIMALS: 12.30-1.15PM EGG BOX GARDEN: 1.30-2PM GOAT WALKING: 1-1:45PM REPTILE BATHING: 2-2:45PM' May be an image of dog and text that says 'FRIDAY 22ND APRIL LAMB FEEDING: 9.30-10.00AM, 12.00-12.30PM 3.30-4PM LAMB PETTING: 11-11:30AM 2-2:30PM RABBIT GUINEA PIG PETTING AND GROOMING: 11-11:45AM MEET THE ANIMALS: 12.30- 1.15PM EGG BOX GARDEN: 1.30-2PM GOAT WALKING: 1-145PM REPTILE BATHING: 2-2:45PM SATURDAY 23RD APRIL LAMB PETTING: 11-11:30AM & 2-2:30PM EGG BOX GARDEN: 1,30-2PM GOAT WALKING 1-1:45PM'


May be an image of 3 people, animal and text that says 'SUNDAY 24TH APRIL LAMB FEEDING: 9.30-10.00AM, 12.00-12.30PM, 3.30-4PM LAMB PETTING: 11-11:30AM & 2-2:30PM RABBIT & GUINEA PIG PETTING AND GROOMING: 11-11:45AM REPTILE BATHING: 11-11:45AM GOAT WALKING: 1-1:45PM TWILIGHT LAMB FEEDING GROWN UPS ONLY 6.30-7PM WEDNESDAY 13TH THURSDAY 14TH WEDNESDAY 20TH THURSDAY 21ST' May be an image of animal and text that says "తక UE8 8 EASTER STORY TIME WITH SEVEN STORIES Wednesday 13 April 10am and 11am at Seven Stories Wed 20 April 10:00 AM 10:30 AM Wed 20 April 11:00 AM 11:30 AM at Ouseburn Farm"


Seven Stories

Planning a trip to Seven Stories this Easter? It’s FREE ENTRY to the visitor centre (including three floors of galleries and activities) every day in school holidays, 10am-5pm. Take a peek at these guides to the events we have on for each age group too:

DAILY STORYTIMES on the hour, every hour in the Easter holidays from 11am – 4pm! From £2 per child (adults and children under 12 months go free). Book in advance for these very popular events at:…/events/1110/storytime

May be an image of 1 person, child and standing















I have also seen that local children aged 4-16 years who are in receipt of free school meals can book a free breakfast. As this is funded by Newcastle City Council, I am not sure how local you need to be. This needs to be pre booked with

May be an image of text

Accessibility information is on the link here


Discovery Museum

🐣 Drop in, no booking required. Most suitable ages 6+. £2.00, free crafts also available. (Correct change is appreciated). These family crafts are suitable for children age 6 and over, although younger members of the family are always welcome too.
🐣 Get stuck into bunny-tastic Easter crafts at Discovery Museum’s custom built Play + Invent creation stations.
Get stuck into bunny-tastic Easter crafts at Discovery Museum’s custom built Play + Invent creation stations.
Families can:
🤸 Create an acrobatic bunny
🐇 Decorate rabbits and eggs
🐣 Try a hatching chick paper craft
The link to what’s on and bookings is here
It is accessible, with a “Changing Place”

Accessibility information is on the link here

Whitley Bay Young People’s Centre

May be an image of text that says "THE CIRCL SOCIAL CLUB tor ADULTS with LEARNING DISABILITIES at WHITLEY BAY YOUNG PEOPLES CENTRE (behind the ice rink, past the allotments) wheelchair accessible WEDNESDAYS 4pm to 8pm £5.00 entry FREE POOL TABLE, INDOOR SPORTS BINGO AND KARAOKE DISCO SNACKS AVAILABLE"

There are other activities there. Please see link to their Facebook group below


Jump Giants Newcastle

They offer SEN sessions where a carer goes free with a child with SEN.

May be an image of text that says "SEN SESSION 10am Saturday mornings for Easter holidays GLANTS TheNational Autistk AutisticSocket 10-11AM Support Session Support Sessions Jump Giants allow jumpers with disabilities and special needs to enjoy the Trampoline parks their full extent. The orice he session £6.50 £6 this includes admission for jumper and carer, SE Saturday mornings for Easter holidays 10-11am Jump giants have moved their day for Easter holidays"

You can book on the link below:


Newcastle City Centre Bucket Collection

I have been asked to promote the Foundation’s street collections in Newcastle city centre which will take place in Newcastle from Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th May. If you could sign up to volunteer on the link below it would be much appreciated for any of the days.

Sign up for a few hours volunteering here

Great North Run – Fancy A Challenge in 2022

Looking to take no an amazing challenge in 2022, while supporting the Foundation to raise money for valuable equipment?

Take on this years Great North Run, completing the worlds largest half marathon, joining Team Percy Hedley for this great challenge.

Simplyhealth Great North Run 2022 | The Percy Hedley Foundation (


CDK Global Twitterren: "You asked, we listened. DDX is here to help you manage your data and see who's accessing it." / Twitter

You said that meetings during the school day were difficult for working parents; indeed we have committee members who are also working parents. So, we agreed to hold alternate day/evening meetings. We always listen to parents/carers, passing on your communication where relevant to our School Leadership team.

And so, on Tuesday we held our first evening meeting and were joined by those parents who asked us to run them. Huge thanks to you all; it was lovely to see you in person and get your views. We had  lots of good ideas about the forthcoming summer fayre and as we get confirmation of what will be there will let you know. We would appreciate offers of help as per previous blogs. After Easter, we will start taking in donations for our tombolas and raffle. For those who attended last year, we know you enjoyed it and would love to know what would have made it even better. For now, save the date:

PTA 100 Club

A parent asked for an easier way to join than printing the form and sending in. So, although I attach the form below for details you can simply email me and I will complete it on your behalf. Payment can be made by cash, cheque (payable to Percy Hedley Foundation) or BACS. Email me for details. The money we make from this pays for our annual memberships of Parentkind (£116), Tim Lamb Centre (£50) and National Trust (£101.35) The last two are school memberships only.

As we have already drawn the first 6 draws, if you join for £12, you will have 2 numbers for the remaining 6, which will be drawn in July. Of the £12, 50% comes to the PTA, with the remaining paid in prizes. It is an especially easy way for those who cannot give their time to support the PTA.

100 Club Annual Subscriber agreement 2021-22


The PTA has covered costs for resources for the Eggcited to MOVE event in school this week.

In previous years we were inundated with donations of Easter Eggs from businesses. This year, we received around 50. The PTA decided to purchase additional ones so that each student has something to take home for Easter. We know that not all of our students can eat them, but hope that parents will appreciate the gesture.

We await confirmation of dates to proceed with the whole school event from True Colours, and once confirmed will share the date. Want to know more about them? Have a look here

We are considering bird related events, to tie in with this years school theme. If any parent/carer has any suggestions for other things we could do in school please let me know. We made a decision not to fund individual class activities with cash purchases as it was proving too time consuming and we felt it was not always equitable.


We have a sub group organising the Summer Fayre comprising of the following:

Donna (Chair PTA), Chris (Vice Chair), Jo (Media and Events), Claire (School/student link), Maria (fundraising) and Eileen (Family Liaison). Any of us would be pleased to hear your ideas. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 4th May.

PTA Meeting:

Our next meeting will be Tuesday 17th May from 14-15.00. Should we be in a position to run this face to face, we will do so and, as shared with you will be available on Microsoft TEAMS as well. The link to join is here:

Percy Hedley School PTA Facebook page

The link to join is here. If you invite someone, please answer the questions so that we keep this space safe for parents/carers and school staff


I saw this and thought it would be nice to share: 


Wishing you all a very Happy Easter and hope that the holiday goes well. Please use the Facebook page if you come across anything other families might be interested in; I do check it most days even when I am on holiday


My contact details are:

Eileen Robinson. Family Liaison Officer

Telephone: 0191 2161811 ext 3260


Message from John and the Team: Friday 8th April 2022


Hi everyone

Well, it’s been busy! But good busy! We’ve had the last week of term and all that that brings; Easter coming into play in various ways; another lot of work from the marvellous MOVE Team; loads of classes doing fabulous things; and something about Ukraine! I hope you’re all ready for the holidays, and that they bring the promise of something nice. When we come back it’ll be the summer term, which is always the best! (OK, in my opinion…..). Have a lovely time when Easter does come for you, and I hope you enjoy some of the stories and things in this week’s blog from the team. All the best

Mmm, from the post-16 café….

KS4 did a light-hearted Easter Egg decorating competition as well today, pupils and staff, and there were very worthy entrants and winners – here are some pictures of them!

You said, we listened

We’ve been doing a bit of listening – and thinking – and are currently reviewing our lunchtime menus (lunch is such an important time in schools, isn’t it?)

Pupil Voice will be very important in ll of this – we’ll be running a Tasting Day on the 29th April when pupils will have the opportunity to taste a selection of dishes and feed back preferences in order to influence the menu design

Individualised menus, representing the variety of dietary requirements our pupils have will be created in accessible formats to facilitate appropriate choice-making and promote independence

We’ll also be gaining pupils’ feedback to influence Themed Days which we plan to run every month – things like Italian day or Chinese New Year and similar things.  These days will tie in with significant monthly events and aim to provide opportunity for pupils to experience foods that they may not have already tried and provide a fresh and varied menu for our pupils, as well as think about the wider world and other peopleWe’ll also run Winter and Summer menus

It’s the year of the Tiger


Achievement & Progress: The Wheel 

It’s been very difficult to look at Attendance during the Covid period accurately. Also, of course, some of our pupils are absent sometimes for health reasons separate to Covid. We think we can start to look at Attendance more accurately now, and we discuss it regularly in Senior Team meetings. Attendance of course directly impacts on achievement and progress, so we need to be doing all we can to help our pupils be in school, or at least be involved in learning. Thank you for your support with your son or daughter’s attendance, in sometimes very trying and difficult circumstances

The Wheel is an easy way to show how we bring together the ways that our pupils make progress. These are the Strands

  • Therapy
  • EHC Outcomes
  • Curriculum Pathways
  • Wellbeing
  • Case Study Profile Portraits
  • Key Drivers
  • Appropriate Accredited Awards
  • Destinations & Next Steps
The Wheel is holistic, fits the lessons we teach, is based on the professional judgements of our excellent staff, is monitored regularly, and indicates where we need to intervene to improve things. Pupil and Home Voice are threaded right through it

We want you to be able to contribute to our assessments, like you do already on the 6.Key Drivers, in Annual Reviews, with 8.Next Steps, and in other areas, like 1.Therapy. We’re just arranging how we do this with you

The Wheel

 Post-16 Café

Over the last two weeks some of the students from the post-16 Employability Group have been demonstrating their customer service skills by running a temporary tuck shop during their breaks. They’ve worked incredibly hard to manage money, stock the trolley and talk to their customers. They even worked during their break times!

They raised money for a good cause and made a variety of snacks including sausage/bacon sandwiches for staff to buy for their break.  The students were supported to create the menu, take the orders, cook and make the sandwiches and deliver them to the staff

They made £120 profit which the students have chosen to donate to help the Ukraine. Well done guys!

Therapy Focus – MOVE to Relax

Here are some photos from some recent “Move to Relax” sessions. This is one where Dylan moved towards a switch which turned lights on and off

Millie worked hard holding and pressing the plunger on a spinning top. She wasn’t sure about the spinning lights though! 😊………..but loved the vibrating bumble ball!

Nieve on the other hand, below, used a squeeze switch to turn a vibrating pillow on…she enjoyed it so much she fell asleep! Move to Relax certainly lives up to its name…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Therapy Focus – EGGcited to MOVE

EGGcited to MOVE! Look at those pics!

That MOVE Team have been at it again, and arranged something brilliant for the pupils. This is from Mary

This week we had great fun going on an Easter Egg Hunt around school! Our students were all EGGcited to MOVE around our school following the clues and completing a number of tasks!

Each carboard egg which was decorated by a class during their weekly MOVE session, and each egg had a task and a clue on it. The students had to complete the task before reading the next clue and guessing where the next location might be!

1st Clue: I play sports here, I learn how to play team games or play boccia here, where am I?

1st Egg was at the Sports Hall: Task was an easter toss, the students had to throw, look or reach to put a bean bag or an egg through a target

Clue: There’s a trampoline here, it has a nice relaxing environment with a interactive white board, where am I?

2nd Egg  was in the Garden Room: The students had to find easter objects lost in the hay!

Clue: I can use my fingers to create a melody, it makes beautiful music, where am I?

3rd Egg was in the Dining Hall where the piano is located: The students had to throw the hoops over the bunny ears whilst someone is wearing them. Can you look to the bunny ears as someone moves?

Clue: I can read a book here, there’s lots of books to chose from here, where am I?

4th Egg was in the Library: Ball drop – can I pull a stick out without dropping any of the balls. What colours can you see?

Clue: I can make a meal here, I could bake a cake here, where am I?

5th Egg was at the Food Tech Room: The students had to pass through the sensory tunnel, can you reach for the balloons? What colours can you see?

Clue: It’s a tall pink bird that stands on one leg, a room is named after me where am I?

6th Egg was in the Flamingo room: The students had to scoop the ducks out of the pond? Can you look and count the ducks?

Clue: My wellbeing is always better here, I could talk to someone about my feelings here, where am I?

7th Egg next to the Wellbeing room: The students had to hop, jump, walk, look, propel, or drive along the duck footprints and carry an egg to the duck.

Clue: I travel through here to go outside, there’s staff lockers here and a meds room, where am I?

8th Egg was in the middle exit corridor for going outside: WOOOHOO you made it to the last egg! CONGRATULATIONS!

Can you travel with your egg and spoon to the finish line?!

For finishing the easter hunt each student received a little scratch activity in the shape of an egg and a chocolate egg! Well done everyone!

Here are a few more photos from the Eggcited to MOVE event yesterday

James is wearing the bunny ears and Jayden is doing the hook-a-duck – these were their favourite bits of the whole day!

Now have a look at these photos that were taken around the school. These were some of the comments of the children about it too

Teddy: ‘I really enjoyed it, especially finding the clues and playing the games with my friends’

Toby: My favourite was finding the ducks with my friends and using the fishing net’

Abi: My favourite part was playing the egg and spoon race with Toby and Teddy. it was so much fun especially finding the clues

Subject Focus – the Active Mile in PE

Some of you will remember that we took part in the North Tyneside Active Mile last year. Well, it’s on the time table again for the 27th& 28th April 2022

The aim of The Active Mile is simple – to help all children improve their Health & Wellbeing by doing 15 minutes of physical activity outdoors each day.  Children can walk, jog or run with their classmates  in the safety of their own school setting

The Active Mile is fully inclusive and is a profoundly simple but effective concept, which any school can implement completely free of charge and without the need for staff training.  Immediate benefits include a sharper focus and greater concentration, leading to better learning, and longer-term benefits include increased physical fitness as well as children who are more aware of their own H&WB. Last year 61 settings took part – which we were one of – with 14,973 pupils and 993 staff who covered 15,934 miles!

The Active Mile is usually done in one day but we are going to do it over two days. More info later! Helen’s on it! Here’s a few pics from last year

Beating the Odds – Core Self: part of the Resilience Framework

Here’s a little extra on the Beating the Odds Project from last week, from Louise B

Last week’s collapsible day again went well, and again we had a lovely atmosphere in school. We hope too that perhaps children came home and shared something of the day; please do let us know any feedback via your child’s home/school diary or by word of mouth to staff as we would love to hear what the students might say about our project!

The children looked at the ‘Core Self’ from our Resilience Framework and we also tried to cross-reference where appropriate to the Zones of Regulation, which is also an important part of this year’s Beating The Odds project. The Zones link well to this strand as they allow individuals to reflect on their own emotional, psychological and physical states at any one time. The core self elements are as follows

  • Knowing yourself
  • Expressing yourself
  • Taking responsibility for yourself
  • Being authentic
  • Valuing individuality
  • Owning your own self with confidence/esteem
  • Celebrating uniqueness
  • Disability awareness
  • Thinking practically about how pupils get help for problems

In terms of what we did on the day……  pupils all decorated a feather which had on it something they are proud of. These illustrated pride in themselves and their achievements. They were genuinely delightful and moving for staff to see.  These feathers will be displayed in due course in a peacock display highlighting our students’ core strengths. Some children also took pleasure in seeing video clips of a peacock

Many pupils wore something that they felt reflected themselves and many came well prepared with a talent to show and share. Such richness of talent was indeed borne out in a show in the hall and in classrooms!

Many students set themselves a personal target and these will be monitored and later we hope celebrated at the end of term. Staff also have ways of enabling them to consider progress even if the journey to the individual target may be or feel sometimes slow due to a child’s needs and the barriers they face around progressing certain skills

Please do talk about the Resilience Framework at home and please feel free to have it up in the house 😊

It’s easy to find on-line,but also please do ask your child’s staff team if you would like a hard copy sending home

Stars of the Week

A very nice decision this week, to have two of our cracking girls as Joint Stars of the week! Casey and Shannon took on the role of sorting the girls’ football strips for me making sure all the players had the kit for the matches on Wednesday and made sure they were all returned. They look after the team when out and make sure all players know their positions and, when they are on the pitch both girls are outstanding making Helen one very proud coach. 😊


This is fantastic stuff – very very well done, and thanks to both Casey and Shannon!


ELTBA Star of the Week

Now here’s a nice end-of-term thing: this week the ELTBA Team would like to give the ELTBA Star of the Week to ALL of the wonderful pupils following the ELTBA Pathway.  They have ALL had such a super term and each deserve a huge round of applause for the progress they have made.  They have shown great resilience, determination and done it all with huge smiles on their faces!  They should be very proud of themselves, as we are them. It really is a great team of pupils and staff – I love being in that part of the school


Finally…..Ukraine Day

It’s been Ukraine Day at school today.  People who want to do so have been wearing blue and/or yellow and donating £1, if they can, with donations going to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.  Our catering team have also be making some Ukrainian desserts for our pupils to try and enjoy at lunchtime. It’s good to think about the wider world and what’s going on, even although we all have our stuff closer to home too!

Finally finally…..

Here’s a picture of our lovely kitchen staff, who at the end of term and a few other times, send off any leftover food to homeless services locally. Thanks for doing that, guys, and thanks for making things so nice today and on other days. I love my school dinners!

So lots been going on, and I think the theme seems to have been something along the lines of thinking of others – so that’s not a bad theme at all. Thanks for all your support this term, and the very best to all of you over the next two weeks

All the very best to all of you, from all of us here

Happy Easter! Happy Holiday!

John and the Team…

       …and the owl

The Wheel

Moving, Learning, Growing Together


Ukraine Day – 8th April 2022

Just a reminder that it is Ukraine Day in school tomorrow, Friday 8th April.  Pupils are asked to wear blue and/or yellow and donate £1, if they can, with donations going to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.  We ask that you do not purchase anything new for this event.

Our catering team will also be making some Ukrainian desserts for our pupils to try and enjoy at lunchtime.



Family Information and PTA updates. 1st April 2022

As we approach the last week before the Easter holidays I am looking out for activities for families. Please email me or share via our Facebook page if you have any suggestions.

I start this week’s blog by sharing extensively information about the SEND Review and urge families to read and share your views with the government. I include 2 organisations who are already highlighting concerns. You have until the 1st July to send your views.



The government has published a green paper on the future of the special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and alternative provision (AP) system and is undertaking a public consultation on the green paper’s proposals.

The link below is to the summary document; Right support, right place, right time document

The consultation commenced on 29 March 2022 and is open until 1st July 2022.

The link to the survey is here:

Both Contact-for families of disabled children and IPSEA are encouraging as many as possible to get involved.

Contact link to SEND Review

This week the government revealed proposals for a major reform of the SEND support system in England across education, health and social care.
Some key plans include:
🔹 Set new national standards for education, health and care
🔹 Simplify and digitise EHCPs
🔹 Make ‘local inclusion plans’ legally required
🔹 Create a national framework for council banding and tariffs
🔹 Change the culture in mainstream education
We are taking a close look at the proposals and will share more information over the coming weeks to help parents answer the government’s consultation.
In the meantime, read the #SENDReview green paper (or a summary of proposals) here 👉
IPSEA link to SEND Review
There’s a lot to absorb in the SEND Green Paper – and a lot to be concerned about. We’re still carefully reading the proposals and looking at how these fit with the current legal framework, and will produce a detailed analysis soon. In the meantime, a few things jump out:
▪️ Reference to local decision-making and ‘local discretion’, requiring national standards to fix. Local authorities may think they have discretion, but existing law is clear – that’s why local authorities lose so consistently at Tribunal. Applying the law should be priority, not creating new structures.
▪️ Assumption that increasing number of Tribunal appeals demonstrates parents’ ‘frustration’ with SEND system. No: it demonstrates unlawful decision-making by local authorities.
▪️ Proposed amendment to process for naming school in an EHC plan. This appears to be led by what already exists in local area rather than what child’s individual needs might be. By what method will local authorities produce tailored list of options – and how many options will there realistically be?
▪️ Making mediation mandatory and making it harder to appeal to Tribunal. Lots of problems with this. But if ministers want a less adversarial system, they need to find a way of making sure the law is followed in every area, for every child.
To add:
Thanks everyone so much for these comments – we are taking note of them all. IPSEA will be preparing a detailed response to the consultation on the proposals in the SEND green paper, and we also encourage you all to submit your own response so the Government knows what you think. The consultation runs until Fri 1 July, so there’s plenty of time. Details of how to respond can be found at the link below, and we will also be putting information about it on our website shortly.



Tim Lamb Centre:

Link to their Easter holiday activities is here

Kate Stanforth Academy of Dance

I know this young lady personally and was so pleased that a therapist asked me to share information with parents. Indeed, it was a parent of one of our students who brought it to the therapists attention. Kate offers online dance lessons to ALL, and I mean ALL abilities. Initially on course to become a professional ballerina, she became unwell and has trained as a dance teacher and opened her own school. Apart from this she is an advocate and campaigner for many disability related issues.

The link to her website is:

The link to her Facebook group is:


The Hub Walkergate
On every Wednesday . DONT FORGET TO REGISTER.
A new safe, secure, friendly weekly drop-in hub for young people with special/additional needs aged 16-25
Every Wednesday at 4.30-6.30pm, Ray Gray Centre, Walkergate, NE6 4UH
This is FREE for participants thanks to National Lottery Funding
Find out more on our website, or see image below, enquiries to
Smile Through Sport
With the Easter half term holidays just around the corner… check out our Easter sports and activity sessions for children and young people with SEND, their siblings and parents too!
A range of different sports, games, activities and space for all ability levels. The minimum age is 5 years.
Northumberland SENDIASS Newsletter
Northumberland families should contact Julia on the address below to ask to be added to their mailing list. Although I am sent these, and very happy to share by email on request.  Lots of activity suggestions, support etc. You can contact Julia on:
Here is the link to their page on the Northumberland Local Offer:
Success for All

Success4All is an educational charity that runs Learning Hubs, Clubs and Summer Schools in less affluent areas of Newcastle and North Tyneside. We ensure that children and young have the very best chance at success no matter their circumstances.

See less
Our aim at Success4All is to engage, equip and empower children, young people and their families in deprived areas of Newcastle so that they can build a successful future for themselves and others. We do this by creating safe and fun learning environments, in areas of Newcastle that are marked by low academic achievement, where independent, collaborative or paired learning can take place.
Although the Easter Club is now full, I thought it worth sharing for those who are interested. This will give you time to register with them for future events.
Their website address is here
The Lawnmowere:Krocodile Club
A club for over 16’s. See poster below:
At the Star and Shadow cinema on Warwick Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 -1BB (Shieldfield/Heaton area).
The Sensory Place: South Tyneside

The Sensory Place are hosting Easter fun at Williby Roc’s CIC on Wednesday 20th April at 10am-12pm 🐣

Please email to book!

We held a sub committee meeting this week, with plans underway for our Summer Fayre. After Easter, we will be asking for:
  • donations of chocolate, bottles, toys, gifts and raffle prizes
  • volunteers to help make this even bigger and better; we need parents who can help set up, man a stall for an hour or 2, get other family members to help with stalls
  • any expertise within our family community for specific roles on the day. This could be anything from holding a food hygiene cert, marshalling experience and anything you feel will help.

Please get in touch, but mostly SAVE the date: Saturday 16th July to come along with your family and friends and meet other families.

Mini Raffle

We will hold a small raffle in school next week with tickets at 50p each. We had 2 beautiful knitted bunnies donated and will add an Easter Egg to each to complete the Easter theme.

Evening PTA Meeting:

We’re holding our first evening meeting on Tuesday 5th April 19.30-20.30.This will be held on Microsoft TEAMS and the link to join is here. At this stage we haven’t considered face to face evening meetings, but this could be discussed if you feel it doable. Personally, I feel it could be a challenge for those who live a distance from school and may not have support/childcare in the evenings.

Supporting School.

The committee has agreed to fund resources for the Eggcited to MOVE event at school on Thursday 7th April. We also await a quote for additional resources for the outdoor learning space which will be considered.

PTA Facebook  page. 

Our membership is growing steadily, and is a place where we share school information. We also welcome parents/carers to share ideas, photos, suggestions for days out or anything else which would interest other families. If you have not joined yet the link is here:

Until next week, my contact details are

Eileen Robinson; Family Liaison Officer


Telephone: 0191 2161811 ext 3260.


Message from John S and the Team: 1st April 2022

Hi everyone

I can guarantee that there are no April Fools’ jokes in this blog! Honest!

Hope you’re all ok. It’s been an amazing week here, and such a lovely atmosphere. What has really made it has been the fabulous projects that people have been doing: Careers Week which has had so many good visitors, trips, talks and everything – so important for us all – and the latest in our Emotional Resilience days, about Core Self, which has seen the whole school doing amazing things about expressing themselves and learning about themselves and a whole lot more besides. And what with the Covid rules being relaxed and Spring coming in, there have been more trips out too. Thanks for supporting all of these initiatives. They really are what makes the school a good place to be, and the children seem to get so much out of them all. And the guy with the owls was great! Hope you enjoy this read this week, or there is something on it for you somewhere

Achievement & Progress: The Wheel   

So I just want to be clear about The Wheel. This is an easy way of saying how we bring together all the ways we see how our pupils achieve and make progress. I’ve listed the eight Strands below again, in case you’ve missed them previously

  • Therapy
  • EHC Outcomes
  • Curriculum Pathways
  • Wellbeing
  • Case Study Profile Portraits
  • Key Drivers
  • Appropriate Accredited Awards
  • Destinations & Next Steps
The reason we like using The Wheel is because it’s holistic, it fits the lessons we teach, it’s based on the professional judgements of our excellent staff, we can monitor it regularly, and intervene when things aren’t going so well. We want to make sure that the voices of the pupils and Home are threaded right through it

Sharing this with you and discussing it together

It’s been a difficult time with Covid for a long time now, for visits here particularly. There haven’t been the more informal “Coffee Mornings”, which sound like they were really nice. We’re just discussing how best we can get back to doing those things. What we want is for you to be contributing to our assessments, like so many of you have already on the 6.Key Drivers (thanks!) in Annual Reviews, with 8.Next Steps, and in other areas. We’re trying to arrange the first time we share this with you next term, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we have organised the right thing. When we are discussing them all with you properly, then we’ll be taking it to the next level and really starting to do this properly. We’ll get there

The Wheel


Kayden Korner

Great to hear from Kayden. Hope you are doing well, chap. This is very nice, thanks for sending it

Subject Focus – Careers

This is often referred to as Employability within school and is a focus of our teaching.  Career means “path through life” the whole journey from school/college into adult life, retirement and beyond, and may involve many different stages eg college, training, employment, full or part-time work, voluntary work and work at home. This is real learning and a way that a young person is able to glean information to make informed and considered decisions towards future opportunities, in order to realise their individual potential and personal ambition

We want to give our students the best opportunity to reach their potential, inside and outside the classroom. Through a range of programs we want all students to be well informed and equipped with skills for their next steps into society

All pupils within school have access to impartial Careers support when they need it from trained staff in school as well as our LA Connexions service

Pupils from Early Years onwards have access to career and employability throughout the curriculum, as well as through assemblies, community visits, visitors in school and life skills sessions both as a class and within their 1:1 or small group thepray sessions

As they move through school these sessions become more formalalised within their timetables. Pupils have explicit teaching slots for employability on their timetable and this is supplemented with job of the month, assembly themes, options choices to support future transitions and destinations, alongside community visits and challenges which are part of their Therapy and EHC targets.  Specific experiences are also offered to support informed decisions and choices for the futures, which include transition visits, careers support and residential or work experience placements

Speciifc sessions are run throughout the year to ensure that pupil voice is heard throughout these choices, alongside parents voice

More on Careers Week

There have been so many events going on this week for Careers Week

For example, Mathew is currently on a work experience placement at the Hextol Tans Café in Hexham.  The Café is one of the opportunities that The Hextol Foundation provides and is just off the main high street in Hexham

Mathew attends every Wednesday and works in the kitchen helping to prepare meals, baking, cooking, and washing dishes

This week Mathew made shortcrust pastry for a quiche and baked a lemon drizzle cake. Mmmmmm

Matthew doing loads of good work experience in Hexham – well done!

Some other really good things that have taken place this week as part of Careers Week are

  • Talk from local café, and post-16 setting up their own café next week
  • Talk from a respite centre and one of our students who has worked there
  • The Community Police came in
  • A Local photographer
  • An engineering group
  • A company talking about gaming!
  • A local factory

Therapy Focus

The Sensory Room has become a real favourite, and loads of good work goes on in there. There are lovely pictures and stories from it every week now. It’s an amazing experience


Left: Nat using the Qube in the sensory room to turn the room different colours. He kept rolling it until he found the colour he was looking for. Amazing work Nat!

Right: Charlie watched the sensory room lights change colour. She held on to the Qube then pushed it away to roll it. Great job Charlie!

More on Core Self and Expressing Yourself!

Abi, Toby and Wren from Andy’s class are “expressing themselves” using their filters in their MOVE to Learn session. As you can see, they chose highly fashionable accessories alongside their favourite filters to express themselves, all whilst practicing their walking skills! We all had such a giggle!!

Abi, Toby and Wren expressing themselves through cool filters!

Oscar’s 18th!

It is Oscar Armstrong’s 18th birthday tomorrow. We can’t make it to his birthday party on Sunday so the class thought they would have one in class this afternoon. Oscar loves the decorated classroom and enjoyed dancing with his friends and staff at his disco

Happy Birthday, Oscar!!!!!

Class Trip – out at the woods with the Super Starlings!!!!

It’s so great to be getting out and about again, with trips out and everything. I loved reading this, and I thought that you might too…..

“Full of excitement we got off the bus and headed down the bridal way towards the woodland

We had a chance to explore and completed a “spring scavenger hunt” looking for early signs of spring. As we continued our walk around the lake, we looked out for signs of animals and discussed  what animals could be found in the park. Once on to the “Wagonway”, we talked about what a wagonway was, how it was used, as well as the history of the park and how it was previously an old colliery. We stopped for a snack in one of the bird hides and looked at all the different types of birds. After snack we continued the walk through the woodland and looked at all the trees that had fallen due to the storm – Taylor enjoyed counting the tree rings to determine how old some of the trees were!

We then enjoyed a spot of pond watching looking out again for signs of spring, such as tadpoles. Everyone enjoyed walking past the horses at the end and loved how close they could get to them, before getting back on the bus and heading back to school”

There are also some great pictures. Have a look, they’re great. There’s also a bonus one of Taylor at the end of the blogpost!

Lets go down to the woods – today!

Another class trip!

The Magpies have visited Woodhorn Colliery, Tyneside Cinema and the Discovery Museum over the last 2 weeks. Their topic this term has been Newcastle, particularly focusing on mining and ship building in history. Excellent! 

Beating the Odds – Core Self: part of the Resilience Framework

Louise B’s and others organised a brilliant day on Core Self yesterday, part of the Emotional Resilience project, Beating the Odds. The atmosphere was really wonderful, and what’s more important than our pupils taking some time to think about these things about themselves

Some aspects were to

  • instil a sense of hope
  • understand other people’s feelings
  • know and understand yourself
  • take responsibility for yourself
  • find time for your talents
  • support to know how to use existing help and solutions for problems

This is what really contributed to a smashing feeling in the school. We had talent shows where people showcased their talents, and contributed to individual and group work. It was terrific, and truly showcased a lot of individual achievements

Star of the Week

Ameen has returned to school after an op.  He hasn’t complained or moaned about it once, he’s put up with all sorts of stretches whatnot, and generally been his cheerful, happy self.  Hats off to him, and well done for being a total STAR!!!!! 

ELTBA Star of the Week

This week the team would like to give their ELTBA star of the week to Jack in Magpies.  Yesterday, the class were going to the Discovery Museum as part of this term’s topic and Jack was really unsure about it at first.  He showed great resilience yesterday morning and pushed himself to go with his class where he had a fantastic day and enjoyed the experience. Great journey to go on, Jack – 100% STAR!!!!!

Group of the Week!

 4PC – bird name, Parus Major – were doing Mothers’ Day crafts

They used the school bird theme as inspiration for Mother’s Day this year! All the students in the class chose a bird each and then painted their chosen bird on to a wooden template. They then created a birdcage to house it and added a lovely message for their Mums on to the bottom! They all worked extremely hard and the results were phenomenal! The whole class are STARS!!!!!

And an extra little shout-out to Finlay who is thriving in his Hydro sessions, his confidence has grown so much this year and everyone is incredibly proud of all his progress! Well done Finlay – keep up the great work! A STAR within a STAR class


Moving, Learning, Growing Together

Finally…..Ukraine Day next Friday

We are celebrating Ukraine Day next Friday, the 8th April. We’ll be having a Cake Sale and the kitchen will be making Ukrainian desserts! Good stuff

Успіхів, Україно!

Have a lovely weekend whenever it comes for you, and we’ll see you soon hopefully, and certainly your children next week, before the Easter break

All the very best to all of you, from all of us here


John S and the Team


Meet Mr Wilson, the new Deputy Head (OK, that is a joke, a hoot even, although he is actually called Mr Wilson!)

The Wheel

Finally finally…..

Taylor in the woods!

Phonics within ELTBA Pathway

As you may have read on the school blog recently, this term we have introduced a new phonics programme to our ELTBA Pathway.

Students are completing daily phonics lessons to develop essential early literacy skills and we’ve had a lot of very positive feedback so far. Students call the sessions ‘Sounds and Spellings’, but the full title of the programme is Essential Letters and Sounds. In addition to purchasing this programme, we have also invested heavily in the reading schemes available to our students and we are keen to share these with you!

There will be a range of Parent/Carer training events planned during the Summer term, and we would like to collect your views on what format of training would be most suitable for you.

A paper form will be sent home with your child today, however if you find it easier to complete online please follow the link below to give your preference for the format of the training and any specific areas you would like to gain further information in,.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,

Sarah Hamlin Becky Finn
Departmental Lead Speech & Language Therapist

Family Information and PTA updates 25th March 2022

Spring is well and truly with us now, with the usual mix of frosty weather and brilliant sunshine. One of our parents, Tracey, mum to Toby has written a book. If you read her poem; “What do you see when you look at me” as I did you will want to read more.


If you would like a copy of my debut book “The Little Falcon”, you can sign up for pre-order now. The link below will direct you to a website to leave your name and email address. When the book is ready I will be in touch to arrange payment and delivery!
A heart warming story about true friendship and a little Falcon that can’t fly. Perfect for children aged 7 and under, although I’m sure a story that can be enjoyed by all 🥰
Inspired by my Son Toby who has cerebral palsy and his wonderful friend Jodi from Illinois ❤
10% of profits will be donated to Percy Hedley school.

Here is the link to pre -order



Family Fund, training for Carers

If you are a carer, you may be entitled to additional benefits, grants or other financial help. We’ve created a free e-learning course to help you learn more about what you could be entitled to. The link to the e-learning course is here:

Pre SEND Review; webinar recording.

A webinar with the Minister for Children and Families, Will Quince MP is available to view on youtube. This was organised by Special Needs Jungle, the National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF), Contact-for families of disabled children and The Family Fund.

There is currently a SEND review in progress and I felt compelled to watch this interesting webinar. In the Q&A section, all of the issues which are relevant are raised and it remains to be seen if this will impact. There will be a period of consultation. Possibly the best way to ensure that you are in the picture and have the opportunity to be involved is to link with your local Parent Carer Forum. Special Needs Jungle is well worth following too. The link to the webinar is here

Online Sleep workshop

There are still places available for Newcastle parent/carers only (as funded by the Parent Carer Forum). Details below; I shared 2 weeks ago

Supporting better sleep for children with SEND
We have an online workshop coming up in partnership with Contact for Newcastle based families who would like support and advice with supporting better sleep for children with SEND.
Monday 28th March 2022
10am- 12.30pm



Gateshead SEND Youth Forum.

One of our wonderful Post 16 students has asked me to share this with Gateshead families. The meeting will be online via Microsoft TEAMS.

If you want further details please contact Alex Thompson, a SEND Involvement worker who runs this forum. You can contact him by email at:

Direct Payment/Personal Budget: Contact-for families of disabled children.

This is often raised with me by parents and staff. An EHCP is an Education led plan where sometimes the Social Care section is either left blank or needs are not considered as eligible for support.

Contact held a Question and Answer session online and the link below provides answers to the top questions are on the link below:

Neurodiversity Celebration Week: 21-27th March

This week there have been online events relating to neurodiversity. I have just been made aware of it. There are some resources for parents/carers on the link below which may or may not be useful. Based in the south of England, there will be differences in help and support available. I do think some of the posters are good


Nature’s Living Room CIC Free Easter Activities:

This is based near Hexham and I am unsure of how accessible it is for those with mobility challenges. The link to their facebook page is here if you’d like to contact them directly.

Full Circle Food are funding free activity days over the Easter Holiday. Details on the poster below. Please note one change: The activity planned for the 13th has been moved to the 14th. You must book by text on the number provided on the form.

Beamish Steam Gala Event

On the first weekend of the Easter holidays, 9th and 10th April a special event will be taking place

Beamish Steam Gala, a special transport-themed weekend on 9th and 10th April.
Marvel at road steam engines, road rollers, internal combustion vehicles and railway locomotives as well as cycles and motorcycles.
All aboard! You can even take a steam train ride at The Waggonway with our Puffing Billy replica!
Details are here

the link to their accessibility page is here

Fundraising request

I have been asked to promote the Foundation’s street collections in Newcastle city centre which will take place in Newcastle from Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th May. If you sign up on the link below it would be much appreciated for any of the days.

Sign Up for our next Street Collection HERE


As promised we have organised an evening meeting. Although we have set the time at 19.30, this is for the first meeting and we will re-evaluate afterwards. The meeting will be on Tuesday 5th April from 19.30-20.30 and will be via Microsoft TEAMS. As you will be at home, hopefully with your feet up (yes, I know that’s wishful thinking) you can have a drink of whatever takes your fancy and join in. An agenda will be sent beforehand. If you plan to join us and would like something added to the agenda, please let me know and I will forward to the Secretary.The link to join the meeting is below:

Plans for the summer fayre, to be held on Saturday 16th July are in progress and we will keep you up to date. We have a sub committee; Donna, Chris, Claire, Jo and me (Eileen). Thanks to those who have already offered help, staff and families. Please start saving up goodies for the chocolate, bottle and gift tombolas. Raffle prizes would also be most welcome.


100 Club draws:

Cheques have been ordered for the 100 club winners. We would welcome new subscribers. If you have already joined, please ignore this message. If not, and you’ve been meaning to, you still can. We will allocate you 2 numbers for the remaining 6 draws. The form is on the link below or I can send paper copies if required.

100 Club Annual Subscriber agreement 2021-22

PTA Facebook Page

The link to join our page, which is for parents,carers and school staff is here.


Hoping this weekend remains warm and sunny

Eileen Robinson

Family Liaison Officer


Telephone: 0191 2161811 ext 3260