Students’ artwork to go on display

Last term classes were asked to create posters highlighting positivity and wellbeing. We are planning on taking a selection of these and getting them printed onto canvas to display around school. Once the final ones are selected we will post them for you to see. We were really impressed with the work that the students produced and the feedback was that they enjoyed making them.

We are looking forward to getting the finished pieces displayed in our new school building.

Mental Health Awareness Week


The Mental Health Foundation are holding a ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ between the 16th-22nd May 2016. The theme is ‘Relationships’ and will highlight how having a range of healthy, nurturing relationships with those around us can sustain and promote positive emotional wellbeing.

We are planning events during the week to help the children recognise and understand the importance of the relationships they have with the significant people in their lives.

If you have any thoughts or ideas around this that you would like us to explore please get in touch.

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