Planet earth

This term ED class have been exploring everything relating to the Planet earth. We have explored

  • Space ‘To infinity and beyond’
  • The seaside ‘what can you find at the beach?’
  • The great outdoors

During explorations we have participated in a number of different activities which has included



Making space rockets

Exploring planets in space

Alien number songs and books

Exploring the sky and what you can find there



We have explored earth discovery boxes and completed activities such as planting seeds, searching for mini beasts, creating garden and beach scenes and Baking earth inspired recipes.


Our topic included a range of trips. We had the opportunity to

Visit the beach to find out What’s at the beach?

Visit the park to find out What’s at the park?

Exploring the sensory garden and garden centre to find out What’s in the garden?

Visiting the museum to explore space


We have had such a wonderful term and have all worked very hard. We are  ready for our summer holidays.

Wow What a fantastic year! Our teacher is very proud of us, we have made phenomenal progress.

Happy summer everyone, best wished from ED class


ED class visit the Reindeer’s at Azure Garden Centre


ED class went for a trip to Azure Garden centre in Cramlington to visit the Reindeer’s.

When we arrived we met the Garden Centre staff in the café and helped them to set up Santa’s Grotto. We all had to opportunity to write out a Christmas card to give to Santa.

We then Got some Reindeer food and went to feed the reindeers. We all enjoyed stroking them and giving them lots of food, they were really fun to watch. After saying goodbye to them we washed our hands and went for a walk through the Gardens. There were lots of Christmas tree’s to smell and feel and a beautiful walkway all decorated in lights.

After exploring we returned to the café for lunch and some social time.

After Lunch we walked around the shop and each bought an item to take home.

What a lovely day!!!


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ED class Christmas Activity Schedule

Christmas Activity List ED class

Thursday 8thChristmas carols in Eldon Square (singing 12-1pm)

Friday 9th– Christmas Fair and School open day

Monday 12thPolar Express day – Students to wear Pyjamas

Tuesday 13thChristmas Performance 10am (can any items for costumes be sent in by Friday 9th)

Wednesday 14thChristmas Dinner day

Thursday 15th– Class Christmas Party (Afternoon) Students are able to bring in clothes if they wish to change for the party

Friday 16thChristmas Jumper day & last day of term

Hi all and welcome to the New Academic School Year.

This year the class staff team consists of Emma Douglas (Teacher)Enia Bettencourt (SSA), Debbie Crawford (SSA), Diane Green (SSA), Marie Weir (PA), Stuart Brown & Jayne Wright ( OT), Julie Goldblatt (SALT), Nicola Endacott (Physio)

The students in class are; Leroy Gibb, Ethan Munro, Oscar Armstrong, Max Austin, George Curry and Dylan Kirsopp

We all hope you had a lovely Summer break and are ready for what the new year has in store. It is looking busy already 🙂

The class will be following a personalised engagement curriculum based on the core curriculum areas of Literacy-Communication and Interaction, Numeracy, ICT– cause and effect and Science. We will also be participating in other curricular activities which include cooking, Art, TACPAC, Sensory, Task series and PE.

We are hoping to continue with a library trip on a Friday morning as well as a visit to either the shopping centre or the café to work on some independence skills.

The topic this term is the local community and we will be completing work around an autumn theme. Students will be using a range of objects and materials and will be working with food items such as nuts, seeds, herbs and spices.

During Literacy we are making personalised trees to display in class. Students will be adding personal information to the tree so it would be helpful if they could bring in family photographs as well as any items that they would like to add to their tree (photographs of them growing up, photographs of favourite items/place or likes/dislikes). Real objects can be brought into school as well if you are happy with them going on display.

During PE students will be following a sensory PE curriculum and will have the opportunity to participate in activities such as rebound, biking and sensory swing.

We are all looking forward to the new academic year 🙂



Healthy Eating Week

We celebrated healthy eating week in school. We enjoyed exploring and learning about different healthy foods and how we all keep healthy. In our cooking session we made up healthy snack plates using different fruits and vegetables and also made some healthy smoothies.

We also used fruits to print pictures and make a class collage. Although sometimes we had a sneaky nibble on the delicious fruits.  DSCN0067 DSCN0068 DSCN0071 DSCN0072 DSCN0074 DSCN0076 DSCN0077 DSCN0079 DSCN0082

Richardson Dees Park

Our class went on a trip to Richardson Dees Park to enjoy a Sensory Story which was organised by North Tyneside Library. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining so after some refreshments in class we got onto the school bus and headed for the park.

We headed straight to the green to get ready for the story, everyone was really excited. We met a lady called Hannah, she played the guitar and  sang lots of songs to us. We then listened to the Story ‘ There’s a hole at the bottom of the sea.’ we really enjoyed the book and got to use different props throughout the story. Once it was finished we sang more songs and played some fishing games.

It was then time for lunch, we found some tables in the park and enjoyed a class picnic and some Ice cream. We had a little time to explore the park after lunch then went on a walk before returning to school.

What a wonderful day we had

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If the book Fits Read it! ED are enjoying accessing the local Library!

As a class group we have joined the Library!!!!

Every other week ED get the opportunity to visit the Local library at the white swan centre. We enjoy a refreshing walk in the fresh spring air to get to the centre. Once there we return our old books and exchange for new ones. We all enjoying looking at a range of different stories and select books that we want to take home to share with our families and friends, as well as selecting some books to take back to class. We also Have a visit to the café where we get the opportunity to select a drink or snack to have whilst enjoying some relaxing social time with peers.


‘Dive into reading, get lost in a world of books’DSCN8238 DSCN8247 DSCN8248 DSCN8251 DSCN8252 DSCN8255 DSCN8258 DSCN8260 DSCN8265 DSCN8269 DSCN8273 DSCN8274 DSCN8276