Update 15.1.2021

Just a quick update in relation to class opening next week.

Steffi’s class can continue to be open next week.

Kyra/ Sarah’s class can come back to school from Monday.

John, Hilrey, Lizzie, Anna and Sarah on Tuesday.

Terry’s class on Thursday.

Apologies if this seems complex, however we are coordinating the end of isolation periods and trying to offer face to face education and much as we can. If this situation changes due to staff sickness/isolation we will be in touch as soon as we can.

Please continue to engage with remote learning and contact with the class team.

Have a lovely weekend. Take care and stay safe.



Update 13.1.21

Good afternoon

We are now able to open to class 1SC in the green bubble from tomorrow (Thursday). We are unable to open Kyra/Sarah’s class due to staff isolating through track and trace. We plan to open this class from Monday.

Apologies for the challenges this brings, please access the remote learning on offer.

As always- thank you for your support.

Take care


Update 12.1.2021

Good afternoon

Thank you for your patience today. This morning we sent home all classes in the green bubble as a precaution and awaiting advice from Public health. As the day has progressed and we have been informed of more positive cases (8 staff, 1 child), we have rang 6 classes to inform them they must formally isolate, as they have been identified as close contact of a positive case. This applies to all children in classes of John Strachan, Sarah Hamlin, Anna Foster, Terry West, Hilrey Craister and Lizzie Lee (Helen Robson).

Please engage in remote learning for your child, and we will get them back to school as soon as were are safely able. We appreciate the challenges this may cause and wholly appreciate your ongoing support.

Those children in Steffi and Kyra/Sarah’s classes have not been in close contact with a positive case and as such can return to school on Thursday. We still have some staff absence so are struggling to safely staff tomorrow (Wednesday).

We have requested a meeting with Public Health to talk through all the measures we have in place and to seek their advice if we need to change or amend any of our processes. This will take place tomorrow.

As always please inform us if your children develops any symptoms. As it stands no classes in yellow or blue bubble are affected.

Take care and stay safe


Covid Update

Good morning

Unfortunately we have had 4 additional positive cases of staff members identified this morning. As such I have made the decision to close the green bubble in its entirety to minimise the spread of the virus. This means all children in classes of Steffi Charlton, Kyra Smith/Sarah Harrison, Sarah Hamlin, Hilrey Craister, Terry West, John Strachan, Lizzie Lee and Anna Foster will go home as a minimum for the rest of this week. We are awaiting for confirmation from public health england before I give a firm return date. Senior leaders are currently contacting individual parents.

Remote learning will be in place for these pupils where we are able- but unfortunately we have some staff who are quite unwell.

I will give updates as soon as I can.

Take care everyone and staff safe.



Covid Updates

I can now confirm there have been three positive cases amongst staff over the weekend. We are currently able to staff children safely, however this is a rapidly changing picture. We will be contacting parents if we are unable to keep children in school and instead offer remote learning.

Apologies for the short notice and thank you as always for your support.

Take care and stay safe.


Positive case

Just to confirm we have needed to close one class from today, until Tuesday 19th January, due to a positive case with a staff member. All pupils who are affected have been contacted.

Please remember to let us know if any pupil develops covid symptoms.

Take care and stay safe.


6th January 2021

I can now confirm that we will be open from tomorrow as usual for those who have requested face to face learning. We plan to offer remote learning from Monday 11th January, as we need time to combine our offer bearing in mind some teachers have some children physically in their classrooms, and others accessing remote learning.

We will be in touch to confirm arrangements with regard to remote learning.

Please get in touch if you have any concerns.

Warm regards


School provision during the 3rd national lockdown

Please find below the link to let us know your intentions over the coming weeks. If you could let us know whether you intend to send your child in to school, to enable us to plan our approach.

Any decision you make now can be altered at anytime, as situations change.


We aim to offer all children a place (staff permitting) and will only contact you if we are unable to meet your request.

Best wishes