English Trips to Spanish City

Inspired by the journey of Phileas Fogg from “Around the World in Eighty Days”, we travelled to Whitley Bay to explore the nearby coastal town. After eating some delicious ice creams at Di Meo’s, we had a peek inside the newly refurbished Spanish City. As well as applying topic words to a real life situation, the trip provided a stimulus for our travel log writing project. Here are a few pictures we took a long the way….

Children In Need!

For children in need this morning we made lots of different things… Yellow playdough so we could make our own pudsey. We made Pudsey pictures and lots and lots of messy play!   


We than all had fun with our selfie station pretending to be Pudsey but we think the staff had more fun than the kids… 





Amy and Oscar had a lot of fun meeting him. He was very soft and very kind to us.


We hope everyone has a lovely children in need!

Love KF x 

Police visit

Shae; “I like police officers”

Ryley; “I like the police officer, the police van”

Eme-Elle; “I went to in the the police car”

Oliver; “I like the police van where you put criminals”

Finlay; ” I liked seeing the police van”

Ameen; From a choice of 4 options, Ameen chose I liked wearing the police clothes

Gracey; From a choice of 4 options, Gracey chose I liked dressing up like a police officer


Shae’s under arrest

Gracey escapes from the back of                             the van

PC Hodgkins-Webb

PC Cordwell-Smith

The van parked outside

Northumbria Police – Hedleys division

Ryley throws his helmet off