Home Learning Vocabulary Pack


I hope everyone has had a good Easter holiday.  You should all have received your vocabulary packs which contain the words I would like you to use at home this term.DSCN6532

They include the following words



Yes, No

Like, Don’t like,

Want and I don’t want.

More, Stop, Something different,

The students have been working on making informed choices about what they do or have facilitated for them using these words.  They have usually been making choices between two opposite options.

E.g. Do you want to listen to music?   -a choice between want /don’t want cards

Do you like this flavour?  like / don’t like  or yes/no etc.

It would be great if you could integrate this vocabulary into your home routines.  Please send examples of the students working on their targets at home via telephone, e-mail or home school diary so we can share and celebrate their successes.


Claire and Team

FAO: Post 16 Students

Student Discount.

The following information is for pupils who are aged 16 and above or are in Post 16 (for nusextra)

UNiDAYS is an entirely free online system with no sign-up cost, no membership card and it’s entirely for students! All you have to do is enter your email and verify your student status. Registration is quick and easy so you will be saving within a matter of minutes. Once you register, which you must do using your school email address you will be able to get student discounts. You can also download vouchers to use in some stores.

We have registered Percy Hedley School and pupils who are age 16 and above are eligible to join. To join, please visit www.myunidays.com


We have registered school with NUS (National Union of Students) so that our students are eligible to apply for nusextra cards. To be eligible your child must be in Year 11,12,13 or 14 and over the age of 16.  The cards  cost £12 for 1 year, £22 for 2 years and £32 for 3 years and provide a photo ID of student status. There are a range of discounts, online and instore which may be useful. Full information is available on their website: www.nus.org.uk

Holiday homework: Getting ready for Art week

On the the week beginning the 9th January’ the whole school will come together to celebrate some of the art worlds most famous movements.  In 6CHa we are going to be creating a display based on the assemblage work of Joseph Cornell.

See if you can find anything out about his famous boxes.  Here is a short video to get you started.

We are going to be making our own boxes.  If you have any items you think would be good in your (or your friends box) bring it in.  If you find a box you would like to recreate-let me know…or be brave and create a new design of your own.

I can’t wait for art week and I hope you will be excited to.